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Easter Day

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  • Easter Day

    Have a Nice Day

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    Re: Easter Day


    Happy Easter to ALL! Hope all of you playing in church today had a great , blessed time in the Lord!</P>

    I know I did! My church rents someone else's facility and today we joined in with the church next door , which happens to be the people we rent from... I got to work with their music director and worship team... Of course I played the organ. The Wurlitzer 4300, which we donated to them a year ago when we got a different organ... So I was so happy to play that old wurlitzer again, my church used it for 10 years before we got another one and donated it. I jammed on it... During the offertory I played "He Lives" and flipped the Spectra Tone (leslie) on fast and also turned on the Drum &amp; cymbal on the pedals.. They loved it.I had to wake up the "frozen chosen!"</P>

    I just love doing things on the organ that people don't expect.. </P>

    Have a good one.</P>


    Anthony , in Hayward, CA</P>


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      Re: Easter Day

      Anthony, </P>

      I gotta tell you, I really like your style! Doing things on the organ that people don't expect is what is needed in order to help get rid of some of those stereotypes that we organists and our instruments get that are so untrue! It's also a great way to get people interested in the organ. The way I figure, if the stop, feature, or whatever else is there at the console, it was there for a reason sofind a way to use it in worship and "wake up the frozen chosen." I would have loved to have attended your service, and seen everybody getting into it! </P>



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        Re: Easter Day


        Thanks , Reedguy. My church is pretty lively, where I play a Hammond T-500 series organ which has an auto rhythm unit on it.. I sometimes use that during service. But the "church next door" that we had Easter services with, they are very calm and tame , NO hand clapping, no tambourines! There music director plays a big grand piano. Im not here to "bash" pianos , but lets face it, Organs get people more motivated to move than pianos..They are loud and can scream or shrill or be very quiet. Most pianos have to be "microphoned" to even be heard loud enough through most sanctuaries with high ceilings or buildings that "echo " alot. Every feature of the organ should be used, I totally agree...I just hate it when someone only uses a few stops and feels like thats all they can do.. Baby, if you want them to know their is steak for dinner, you got to let them hear it sizzle!</P>

        from </P>

        Anthony , in hayward, CA</P>


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          Re: Easter Day

          Hi Anthony, </P>

          Totally agree with you on pianos. They are lovely instruments, but in church organs do get people far more motivated, and they can be heard far better. I know sometimes I can be a purist when it comes to pipe organs, but in all honesty I don't have a problem with electronic organs at all.Hammonds in particular are cool with me, and I recently played a 3 manualAllen Renaissance with Quantum, andI had to admit, it did sound good.As a matter of fact, I got myself to listen to a CD from a dear friend, organ teacher, and mentor who sadly passed away a year ago. His CD is called "B3 Revival," and man, that Hammond sounds totally awesome. He was more well-known in the UK than in Canada, but man could he play. His name was Stanley King, and he had a website with OrganFax in the UK. </P>

          Keep on sizzling! </P>



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            Re: Easter Day

            A church without tambourines and hand clapping! Egads! Say it ain't so!
            Finally self-published some of my compositions! https://www.createspace.com/3734555
            Piano and organ videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CurtisBooksMusic