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Strictly come dancing is rubbish

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    With suitable rehearsal, our current crop of Tower organists would be more than capable of doing this, playing solo or along with the house band. There are some brilliant tracks by the likes of Ashley Miller playing organ with orchestra and over here, our own Brian Sharp played the Tower Wurli live over the top of his pre-recorded backings - a great sound.

    Letters to the Beeb required, methinks!
    It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

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      I find most all television rubbish! That's why i spend my evenings at the organ console and give tv a miss!


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        Aaaah, at last I can contribute something also! When I was younger (a lot younger...) I used to do some ballroom dancing. Had professional training too - in a real studio... That was way back, as I said, and we had real music played on real instruments and we danced with grace real dancing steps wearing real clothes that covered everything...

        Watching these modern antics they call dancing I am wondering if we are living on the same planet. I only watch the beginning and then switch to world news - that is less depressing ...... (). The only thing that resembles what we had - and enjoyed in the past - is the word "dancing". Sorry, but in this Strictly - thing there is nothing left of the grace, sounds and enjoyment in the dancing of yesteryear!

        Now where did we hide our coffins again dear?

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