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Soldering for high heat components

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  • Soldering for high heat components

    I am trying to repair our Mr. Coffee 4-cup bare-bones machine (no electronic timer, etc.). Testing reveals that the ceramic disk thermostat is open. The two thermal fuses in line after the thermostat are OK.
    Since the unit can by design generate high temperatures, is there any special solder I should use that would not melt when in use?
    Thermostat is rated at 145 Celsius.
    I do see that it looks like some sort of "weld" was used as opposed to what I recognize as a solder joint.
    Any ideas? I know these are considered disposable but I don't want to be party to throwing more stuff in a landfill. We just bought the unit less than 2 years ago.
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    60/40 solder melts at 188C ...I wouldn't worry about it. Spot welds are faster on an assembly line than soldering.


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      I bought a replacement switch for my useful Milwaukee electric drill from ereplacementparts.com of Utah three years ago. Maybe they can get you a new snap action thermostat. One that uses spade lugs so you can crimp on some terminals on the wires, which works best for AC power wiring IMHO.
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