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Appointment Booking System/App

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  • Appointment Booking System/App

    Hi All,

    I am a qualified music teacher that has recently started her own business. I was wondering if someone could recommend me an efficient appointment booking system/app that would help me organize students' lessons effectively? Many thanks for your help!!!

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    Any of OS built-in organizers work fine. Even the Calendar in IOS.



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      Boyan's right. Almost any calendar/organizer app will work.

      I have to say that I come from the days when an application was something that you filled in! In 30+ years of teaching, I've always used the #1 brain and a fortnightly planner chart. I did consider getting something like an iPad or a tablet and doing with an app, but I couldn't justify the expense just for that. I'm sure that at some point I'll come kicking and screaming into the 21st century and get one!

      Best of luck with building up your teaching practice, may you have as many enjoyable years teaching as I have so far!
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        On both Windows and Macintosh, the built-in calendars allow one to schedule one-time and repeating appointments based on various criteria. They can be edited easily for one or several occurrences and printed in various formats.

        For sprcific info for Windows see:

        The Mac calendar offers similar possibilities.
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          Gmail has a very capable calendar with all the usual features. You can see it from any computer with internet access and android phones have native calendar apps. You can also share visibility into a gmail calendar with anyone else who has gmail. The price is right also.


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            I use the calendar on Microsoft Outlook. It syncs with my phone seamlessly and reminds me of all my obligations. No doubt a written planner will also work. I work with a gentlemen that has used as moleskin journal and a written planner for 40+ years of Architecture practice, and he is quite well respected. My point is, any system will work, just pick one and commit to it.

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