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    And I thought my little spider was considered a real pest! Now I realize it is but a trivial irritation if any at all compared to the snakes, rats, rodents and whatever you guys have to contend with...

    Having said that, I have two organs sitting in storage with a relative awaiting collection over the year-end holidays. One is an electronic and the other a pump organ. I have warned them to check for mice and they just about filled the insides with mothballs which I hope will deter those gnawing critters from taking a liking to the wires and/or wooden parts. There is a pair of cats roaming around but those are mostly hiding on the rooftops for fear of the pack of watchdogs down below drooling at them....! The dog-pack has to be replenished regularly as the poisonous snakes like mambas and cobras take their toll on them too. So IJ, you see some of us down here also have to put up with the slithery variety. However, we do not use RAID, a genuine US made double barrelled 12 guage shotgun works more effectively. A few months ago my nephew got a giant python of 4,5 meters just after it had swallowed one of the dogs... All these stories make me feel that for me mice in organs or giant spiders on the wall is somewhat trivial if one can ignore the damage they can do - all things relative...

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      Originally posted by indianajo View Post
      Thanks, PObuilder. I've tried carbolic acid in the tab chamber, no luck, 6 yellow wires eaten, a huge pile of seed fluff for baby mice, and a snakeskin left in there. Last year I tried moth balls on the coil deck of the tonewheel generator, I haven't noticed any eaten wire but i did catch a rat snake in the trap I left out to the side. I stuffed tin can parts in all the holes of the tab rack. Last September the rat snake had been replaced by a rattlesnake (two rattles) crawling determinedly towards the organ in the trailer, a spray of Raid in the eyes only slowed him down, didn't stop him. I see some Fabreeze in my future - I sure don't need it on my clothes, my skin is so oily.
      Indianajo--All I can say is WOW!!! You may need to get a large gun. I thought this only happened in Tennessee. Lol


        Originally posted by indianajo View Post
        So far the mice have eaten the bait off the trap, but not tripped it.
        By far the best mouse/rat trap bait I have ever used is dog meat rings like these:

        You hook the rings into the trap's trigger teeth by the hole in the center and the vermin can't get the bait off the trigger without tugging at it -- with the inevitable result. Never had a failure with this bait and there's always half of it left -- the half that is caught in the trigger's claws.

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