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  • more Craigslist funnies


    ...Yikes! (you have to read carefully to see what's wrong here):

    "I have a set of twin organs for sale. One of these organs works but has a couple of quirks that show up once in awhile. I think it is probably dirty connections inside somewhere. I just don't have time to work on them. The second organ powers up and the internal Leslie will spin. It just sounds like there is one link in the chain that is not letting sound to the speakers. These organs come with full pedalboards and benches. See all the manuals in the photos. These items are being sold as-is and local pickup only. We are located in Zion, Illinois. The "pipe" speakers are no longer available so this sale is for the organs, benches and leopards only."

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    Ah, two of the famous 'Kimballonns'. 'Martiniques on steroids', and predictably not working! Well, if the price was right, you could probably get one working organ out of these two, keep some spares and sell the remaining console as a MIDI driver. Not sure what you'd do with the 'leopards' though - they'll take some looking after, though a 'Beware of the Leopards - Trespassers will be eaten!' sign might put off would-be burglars!
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      Leopards? I don't see them. Auto-correct is getting insane on all our devices. Could that be some mangling of "pedalboards?" Or perhaps it refers to the books in the last pic.

      Does that model have true AGO pedals? Looks like it, or pretty close anyway.

      I'd love to have both of those, if only I had the room. Would be a fun project to take me right on into retirement! Honestly, I think these bastardized Conn/Kimball things were pretty good in some ways. The richness of the Conn individual oscillators and the nice flutes and strings, along with some interesting Kimball solo sounds and big reeds. And I suppose the rhythm and other trinkets are about as good as it got back then.

      Most of the troubles boil down to solder joint issues on the motherboards that hold the rows of digital keyers. It can take a lot of time, but a patient tech or dedicated enthusiast can often make these organs work, and become far more reliable than they were brand new.

      I hope someone takes them before they get dumped.
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