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Old joke about Rene Descartes

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  • Old joke about Rene Descartes

    Forgive more for going off on a tangent: I was reminded of the old joke about putting Descartes before the whores. I can Google up all kinds of comments about said joke - but not the actual joke itself. Does anyone remember it accurately?

    In my search I ran across a similar joke that I found amusing, to wit: Someone asks Descartes a philosophical question with a YES or NO answer. Descartes pauses for a few moment and responds, "I think not." And then spontaneously disappears. LOL!


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    My google result:

    in the manner of Pygmaliontwo professors entered into a bet whereby the first professor was to take two prostitutes and give them a classic education. Things went fine at first, the women did well in astronomy, being already acquainted with the night sky, and were familar with Latin due to many encounters with priests. But, to the surprise of both professors, the women enjoyed philosophy most of all, and took to it like ducks to water.

    After a few weeks, the second professor went to his friend's house to concede defeat--the prositutes were even learning Greek! But, when he arrived at his friend's house, the study where the women had been learning was in shambles, the professor was halfway through his second gin and tonic and the women were gone.

    "Dear God, what happened?" he asked.

    "I have no idea," replied his friend. " We had just turned to the study of the early French philosphers, and the women got quite irrational, and then stormed out. What could have gone wrong?"

    "It's very simple, everyone knows you can't put Descartes before the whores."
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      Thanks, Spaceo! LOL!!

      This supports the classic line that I think originated from Dorothy Parker, to wit: "You can lead a whore to culture, but you cannot make her think." LOL!!!


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        Where is the organ in all this???
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          "General Chat
          Stop in here for breezy conversation on any subject."


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            Originally posted by Organfella View Post
            Where is the organ in all this???
            Just imagine this song with an organ instead of the guitar
            (Monty Python, The Philosopher's song - with some chat before the actual song)