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Pipe Organ 5 LP Vinyl Box Set (1972) Factory Sealed - Paid $2

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  • Pipe Organ 5 LP Vinyl Box Set (1972) Factory Sealed - Paid $2

    Browsing the a recently opened used record shop, came across a curious crate of 1970s Reader's Digest box sets.
    These were mass market budget-priced sets in a variety of genres, some Hawaiiana caught my eye.

    At the back was "The Organ Plays Golden Favorites", still sealed in factory shrink wrap.
    No info on the cover about artists or style, just a picture of a water lily.
    The price was only two bucks, so took a chance, hoping it wasn't Lawrence Welk muzak.

    Turns out it's an interesting, well-curated collection of 60s pipe organ- symphonic, cathedral, and theater.

    Each of the 5 LPs features a different artist.
    Each side was recorded at a different venue.
    For example, Richard Purvis at Symphony Hall Boston and Grace Cathedral San Francisco.

    The material isn't all my cup of tea, but not too schmaltzy.
    Mostly light classical with sprinklings of Broadway.

    The uncredited liner notes are excellent, clearly a labor of love.
    A photo and bio of each performer, blurb about each organ and venue, and a paragraph on the composer and history of each piece.
    All on a large, readable black & white on a 12" sleeve.
    (Lord, the times I have to get out a magnifier these days to see liner notes for CDs.)

    I'm listening to them on my 5.1 surround system.
    Normally used for Yes, Chicago, Allman Bros, ELP, etc.
    With subwoofers and surround decoding from the stereo source, good ambience and fidelity way down to the pedals.
    Reverberations echo around a wide sound field.

    Recording pipe organs is definitely an on-location, one take proposition.
    Rewarding to hear some past masters captured on historic instruments.
    [i.e., John Wanamaker Organ, Philadelphia, 30,067 pipes, 451 stops, six manuals]

    The records were manufactured by RCA (Custom "Dynagroove").
    Even factory fresh, not pristine audiophile pressings.
    Lots of crackle and pop, some are warped.
    I recall RCA was one of the first to stamp thinner, lighter LPs on recycled vinyl to save cost.
    Did not work out well.

    One of the other Reader's Digest boxes I bought is sequenced for how we used to listen to LPs, stacked on a "record changer."
    A four LP set has Side One backed with Side Eight, etc., so you could flip the whole stack half way through and listen in order.

    Apparently these were also available on 8-track cartridge.

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