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Roland atelier at-900 lid won't close

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  • Roland atelier at-900 lid won't close

    I recently bought a Roland Atelier AT-900, but the roll top cover gets stuck.
    I already removed the top wood cover to see if there is something obstructing it and found nothing.

    Once the lid is down, it will close but it won't open again. One of the folds hits the top wood cover.

    Any hints on how to fix it?


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    Has the wood swollen up due to humidity? I've seen that before (but not on a Roland) and the solution was to measure carefully and sand the offending swollen part down to size. Or has one of the hinges broken?

    Very unusual for this to happen, maybe the previous owner broke it?
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      I am sure this is too late but here is my take: You have the lid off and now you need to take the rollup out. You will see a plastic rectangle on the track so take it off so the rollup can come off. Look at the plastic gears carefully to see if any teeth are broken off. If not, get some grease (not oil) but a type of oil that does not run. carefully oil the guides with a small paint brush and also the track. put back the rollup and reinstall the plastic piece and carefull move the rollup up and down so the grease gets in the guildes and track. Be very carefull not to put too much grease on the moving parts because you don't want any dripping on the parts below....use very spairingly.