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How would you weigh an organ?

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    If you cannot lift one end by yourself, its too heavy...

    I just could not resist that one... While moving a very large Mannborg pump organ recently I had to keep my wits about me. This monster stands about two meters tall and as wide while the depth is a mere 650cms. This makes for a tall, unstable instrument which had to be transported over about 400 kilometers lying on its back. That was my first mistake as many of the inner small parts became dislodged and were fortunately trapped inside the huge plastic sheet used to cover the entire organ. Found them all bar one tiny little one and had days of fun figuring out where each one goes...

    But as regards the weight - it took five brawny fellows to get the beast out of its hibernating place in the church and down a few steps on to a trailer. Tied it down and ran off with it down the road to its new home - mine. Getting it off loaded was a whole lot of fun. Fearing that it weighed far more than my scrawny arms could handle, I used block & tackles, hydraulic jacks, a variety of levering and a great deal of swearing to get it off the trailer. Then it had to go on to a specially built dolly-trolley which kept on rolling from under the edges whenever I lifted it with the jacks. Then I got to thinking (which is a rare thing) and parked the wheels of the dolly firmly, grabbed the one end of this huge beast and to my surprise, lifted it easily on to the now firmly parked dolly! Then I lifted the other end and positioned this huge animal firmly on the dolly. It was then the swearing really started - at myself for struggling for half a day trying jacks and block & tackle and whatever to lift something I could do by hand!

    So, if it can be lifted on one end by hand, the weight is fine, provided some pre planning all the moves are in place. If not, well, a few more sets of biceps might do the trick...

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