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Adjustable Organ Bench

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  • Adjustable Organ Bench

    I'm faced with the issue of a home practice organ (Allen MDS-16) with a bench at standard AGO height and an organist (wife) who is not. Her stature also requires the bench to be fairly close to the console resulting in perennially banged knees due to the Allen console controller and MIDI drawers. A commercial crank adjustable bench is waaay to pricey. Just cutting the bench down limits who can play the organ. Most "block" systems I've found are either kind of insecure, ugly, or both. Since the wife and I are not exactly youthful and the organ is prominently displayed in our music nook, these are important details. Attached are photos of my solution to this issue that I'd like to share. :-B(Our problem can't be all that unique.)

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    The leg adjusters are a pair of hardwood "boots" that are lined with short nap carpet and slide over the bench legs. (tight fit) Spacer blocks are inserted ahead of time to regulate the height. I have several blocks of 1/2" and 1" thereby allowing the height to be changed in 1/2" increments. Lastly, once everything was complete and fitted, I cut 2-3/4" off the bottom of the bench legs. (That's as low as I could go without the footrest hitting the pedalboard. Unused spacer blocks are stored inside the bench. End result is a bench that can be adjusted plus or minus 2 inches in height from AGO standard AND a happy wife. Total cost for materials <$50.

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    I know several "short legged" organists who play very well with a standard AGO bench pushed forward.


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      Thank you for sharing this solution. Fortunately, my wife doesn't play organ, but I may be opening my benches next year to various organists, so your solution is an example of what I might be able to accomplish for very little money. Thank you!

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