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Panasonic DMR EZ DVD Recorders

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  • Panasonic DMR EZ DVD Recorders

    I am fond of the Panasonic DMR EZ DVD Recorders.
    They are Panasonic's answer to the 2007 change from analog to digital television broadcasting.
    However, their previous models with analog tuners were more sturdy, dependable and predictable.
    Regarding the digital-tuner DMR EZ models, I welcome comments regarding a strange bug/glitch that I have just now encountered. To wit:

    One of the options in the set-up menu allows you to choose from one of three brightness levels on the front of the unit which mostly sits there displaying the time of day. The options are, BRIGHT, DIM, and AUTOMATIC. It is the AUTOMATIC mode that behaves strangely. It simply causes the display to go BLACK when the unit is turned off, that is, in standby mode. I guess that this is for users who prefer to save every watt possible.

    However, when in the AUTOMATIC mode, the unit refuses to switch into timer-record when the clock reaches the selected time. Never mind that the device is perfectly set up via the menu. Thus, your unit will only timer record for you if your display is in either BRIGHT or DIM.

    The manual mentions nothing about the AUTOMATIC mode interfering with being able to timer record. This is not a problem for me; since I prefer to keep my display in DIM mode at all times.

    Gone are the days when one could call Panasonic customer service toll-free and have a nice discussion regarding such bugs/glitches. And this even applied to obsolete products.

    A friend of mine ran into this oddity and thus I have posted it here in the hope that another Panasonic fan on the Organ Forum might shed some light on this.

    And yes, I realize that there may be no actual explanation other than it is some kind of accident that got past the QC process.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts!
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    Perhaps it is just an "automatic" glitch...:->

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      Make sure it is running the latest firmware, (It should still be available on the Panasonic site) also has it been converted to Multi-region as this can sometimes cause bugs. (Apart from disabling there will probably nothing you can do about that)



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        I can't tell you how many recordings that never got made because I set the timer for the wrong day and time back or channel in the VCR days. Apparently I wasn't alone and newspapers started publishing numeric codes in their tv listings that could be entered in to some VCRs that had the capability of taking the code and making the correct setting. Thanks to Tivo and their DVR decendents for making this nearly foolproof.

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