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Pondering whether our very ears can be trusted!

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    Fascinating discussion! And I fully understand, though I've never really put my experiences down in the same words. I too alternate between being fully engaged and enjoying my music, and finding myself feeling disconnected and unable to truly tell what is going on around me. Weird sensations, if you think about it, but a good description of how a lot of folks probably experience life.

    I do hope that I'll begin to feel connected again as the tinnitus fades. And it is less bothersome today than it was just a few days ago, and far less than it was two weeks ago. I can only trust that it will eventually go away as it did last year after a very similar period of disability.

    And this does give me the chance to gain insight into how other people might at times perceive our music and our worship services. I certainly feel for someone who might have to deal with something like tinnitus all the time. (And sadly, my pastor remarked to me yesterday at church that he suffers from it constantly, and has for years. And he is only 50 years old.)
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