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When and When Not To Use Private Messaging

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    When and When Not To Use Private Messaging

    We are fortunate to have many very knowledgeable members who are willing to help others with their sage advise, but I want to remind everyone that the purpose of any Forum is to help the community at large, not just yourself.

    It has come to my attention that there is an increasing tendency to seek help with problems by contacting knowledgeable members via private message rather than posting to the Forum. Doing this has several detrimental effects:

    1. It burdens helpful individuals with questions that might readily be answered by others.
    2. It prevents others, now or in the future, with similar questions from benefitting from the answers.
    3. It deprives others with the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience on the subject.

    When Not To Use Private Messaging
    1. When asking a question whose answer might be helpful or of interest to others.

    When To Use Private Messaging
    1. When discussing matters not germane to the purpose of this forum.
    2. When discussing matters of a personal or private nature.
    3. When arranging an exchange of parts, schematics, and other information between parties.

    These are guidelines to keep in mind when using the private messaging system and they apply to both the senders and responders. I would encourage those who are being asked questions of a technical nature that might be of interest to other forum members to politely request that the question be re-asked in open forum.

    Keeping these guidelines in mind will result in a more useful Forum for all.


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    Thank you for bringing this up, Admin. I have of course been contacted now and then, actually quite frequently, by private message from folks wanting specific advice about an organ problem. I usually just reply politely, while encouraging the correspondent to post the query in public so that others may benefit and so that other help may be offered.

    In the future, I will personally be more insistent on this when I am contacted privately. No matter how trivial the question, I feel that the group at large can always benefit from being in on the discussion of any organ service or repair issue.

    Thanks again. I hope I'll be diligent and remember this in the future!
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