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Auto air conditiioning POA valve malfunction ???

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  • Auto air conditiioning POA valve malfunction ???

    Please help me discern if my POA valve might be malfunctioning.

    Up until this past Sunday, the AC was fully functional, albeit it took at least two minutes for the air to get actually cold. Now, I am getting no more than slightly cool air.

    The sight glass still shows a strong solid flow. The upper end of the POA valve is only somewhat cool. The hose from the compressor to the condenser is hot.

    This seems like there is more wrong than here than needing more refrigerant.

    What say you?

    Many thanks!


    I tried starting the car with the automatic choke at fast idle - the car is 43 years old - and the AC started blowing cold almost immediately.
    The outlet air seemed to remain cold as the idle gradually became a bit slower. However I did not run the car long enough to reduce the idle to slower - such as when stopped at a red traffic signal.

    I am unsure as to what this tells us - if anything.

    Speculations will be gratefully received.

    Thank you!
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