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My hearing is back and we had a wonderful Trinity Sunday!

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  • My hearing is back and we had a wonderful Trinity Sunday!

    I'm SO delighted to be able to say that my hearing is almost 100% restored. It has been a long recovery, the trouble having started about April 1. So, close to two months of wandering around in a sonic fog. I still have tree frogs in the distance, but perhaps they've been there for a long time. And the random F/C pedal note is not completely gone, but it's so far down in level that I have to get very quiet and still to hear it. So I'm happy and could stand it if things never got any better. And I trust that over time even the small remaining annoyances will be gone. Yay!!!

    So nice to be able to fully enjoy music again. The MDS at church sounded so marvelous today, it was almost like hearing it for the first time. The sound was so pleasant and lovely, I think it helped me play better than I should've, considering that I've been on vacation most of the week and had only briefly practiced for the service, sitting down at the Allen at home on Saturday evening for a little while.

    Trinity service went surprisingly well, and I'd had some trepidation, having been gone all week, no choir practice, no time to put heads together with pastor or anyone else. But God was good to us and helped us all keep our heads as we plunged right in.

    Even though some of the hymns were what I consider toward the difficult end of the spectrum (All Creatures of Our God and King, Rejoice the Lord Is King), my newly-restored hearing and sonic appreciation must have spurred me to play better and feel more confident and in control than I have in a long time. I even ventured into some new territory.

    For example, while at the National Cathedral this week, Mr. Fergus demonstrated the Zimbelstern and remarked about its value in enhancing a really majestic hymn. On the spur of the moment, while the pastor gave his Benediction (which he does between the last two stanzas of the closing hymn), I engaged the Zimbelstern on the Allen MIDI expander (volume turned all the way down), and turned it up as I began the last stanza of "All Creatures of Our God and King." First time I've ever used that thing in church. One choir member came up to me right after the service exclaiming how much she loved it! Another church member jokingly asked if that was my cell phone going off! (She was kidding, of course, she liked it.)

    Even though I hadn't played more than a half hour all week, my fingers and feet seemed to know what to do, and I was even able to do some registration on the fly, use the expression and crescendo creatively, and even time the Communion meditation to end at the precise moment the elders returned the Communion trays to the table. So it was a good day. Makes me happy to have a good day!

    I trust that many others had a glorious Trinity Sunday as well.
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    I must say I really like the sound of a Zimbelstern, and have since I first heard one.


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      John, I'm glad to know that your hearing issues are resolved so well. I hope it gets back to fully normal real soon. I can't quite fully imagine what that must be like for an organist, not to mention a technician.

      Sounds like you had a great service on Trinity. That day there are So many good hymns to choose from, without needing to use anything obscure. This year with Trinity being on Memorial day weekend, I used some patriotic (ish) music ( God of Our Fathers, Eternal Father, etc ) as the basis for prelude and postlude selections.

      I think I mentioned this in your thread about Pentecost Sunday already, but in the churches I play for that have one, I use the Zimbelstern for any ending doxological stanza. It sounds festive, and is also a signal for the congregation to stand for that stanza. Once the congregation gets used to the plan, it works very nicely. That way you are using it more than just once a year ( middle stanza of Silent Night ).

      I played for the church with the 755 Rodgers that we have been discussing on Trinity, and it went well enough. There were only 45 folks there though ( combination of the holiday weekend and the pastor on vacation ), so it was not a large enough crowd to really go all out. But those that were there sang well. They liked hearing their organ again, and I liked playing for them.

      That was my first service playing there, and I had no time to set combinations beforehand. So I used some of the existing ones and hand registered from there. The organ is easy enough to do that with once you get it in your mind that pushing the tabs down is On, and pushing them down again is Off. There will be more threads from me on that organ, as I will need to do some adjusting, repairing, enhancements, and other things to it, to be satisfied with it.
      Regards, Larry

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        That's great news, John.

        I kind of know what it's like to hear a muffled organ ... Sounded like being in an anechoic chamber and trying to hear what is going on outside the box.

        Same effect as those rare times when I forget to put in my hearing aids before going to practice.