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Ohs 2018

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  • Ohs 2018

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    Thank you for those beautiful pics, Steve! Tremendous job! Must have been a fun event. Those are amazingly interesting organs, and a great variety of styles too.

    It's easy to forget how many truly gorgeous churches we have in this very country. While I enjoy the ones I see in England when I go there, I really need to start seeking out places here in the US like some of those in your photos.

    So glad you took the time to share this with us on the Forum. One of these days maybe I'll be able to get around to some of these great meetings.
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      Wow, memory lane for me with some of those pics - thanks for posting them. You certainly heard and saw a wide range of instruments during the convention.

      I spent 10 years at Cornell and listened to that G. Donald Harrison Aeolian-Skinner (not E.M. Skinner) in Sage Chapel hundreds of times. I have pipes and chests from the original Estey pipe organ in Anabel Taylor Hall and I was a member of the Rochester Theater Organ Society. I'm looking forward to my visit to campus in September for the 150th anniversary of the Cornell Chimes. Hoping to have a friend play the GOArt baroque organ and also hear one or more of the newer pipe organs in Ithaca churches.
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        Originally posted by steverose
        If anyone is interested, here is a link to some pics I took at the OHS convention. There are not many close ups of consoles or stops. Sorry about that. People tended to swarm them as soon as a recital was complete. So I took lots of pics of some beautiful stained glass. I do have stop lists for all of the organs from the program, so I didn't feel like I was missing much.
        Thank you Steve for the lovely pics. What strikes me is the obviously religious atmosphere without which the mood would have been decidedly different. Great works of art and lovely organs. I would have loved to hear some of them singing...

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