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Top movie cliches or troupes that need to go.

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    Originally posted by Havoc View Post
    Isn't there a movie where the hero shoots a (apparently recoilless) .50 and keeps shooting while the bodies and spend cartridges pile up around him and a counter in a corners keeps countings the kills?
    In a very early Mad Magazine, Wonder Woman uses her magic bracelets to deflect two sprays of machine-gun fire. The villain -- inexplicably wearing a Batman costume -- points out "the physical and mathematical impossibility for her to withstand the impact of point-blank bullets without getting knocked over or shattering her wrists". Art by Bill Elder, with his usual insanity and nonsense.


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      Originally posted by Leisesturm View Post
      I will have to revise my (obviously) outdated view of organists being mainly effete, pacifist, tea drinking, snobs.
      I don't personally know a single organist that you can get even close to tea. Now if you change that for some decent strong beer they will flock to it!

      Got the film: Hot Shots:


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        Originally posted by Havoc View Post
        That's Charlie Sheen doing the shooting.



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          Sizzling Belly!!
          Tom in Tulsa

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            Originally posted by toodles View Post
            One thing I find very unrealistic is that in all too many movies a car that crashes bursts into flames or explodes, even if it suffers no major impact.
            on a similar vein -


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              Originally posted by jsaxe View Post
              Trying not to be a dictionary flamer, but teach your spellcheck "trope". Speaking of which have you seen this particular clickhole?

              Argh. I do send my apologies.