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yamaha electone c55n looking for Leslie 415

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  • yamaha electone c55n looking for Leslie 415

    I am searching for a Leslie model 415 for my yamaha , I have no idea how these work. There is a place on the back to plug it in. My main question is, "is that all I need or are there other components that I need to go with it , does it have any controls or is it controlled my the organ.

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    If the socket on the Yamaha is an 11 pin Leslie socket, then the 415 is plug and play and slow/fast/stop speed functions are controlled from the organ's controls, but do be aware that there will be no way of switching between organ and Leslie, both will sound at the same time. If you want that extra facility, you'll have to buy or build a suitable connector kit. It's not rocket science, just a few wires and switches and the required schematics are available on line. Advice is freely given here!

    But I'd guess that most home players would just turn down the organ's main volume control and turn the leslie up until they get the balance that they want.

    415's are relatively rare, compared to the 715 and 720, depending on your location. The footprint is almost the same but the 7xx cabinets are 8" taller, so look bigger in a home setting.
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