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Deagan Electronic Carillon problems

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  • Deagan Electronic Carillon problems

    I have stumbled upon a Deagan Electronic Carillon in a church attic. They asked if I could repair it. I went to the attic and found this compact chime unit. It looks exactly like the unit you see if you go to the website and look at the opening page pictures. It has 3 tubes (1-6V6, 1-6sn7, 1-5Y3). There are 2 electrolytic cans: each has 2x10mf/450V inside (total of 4 caps, 10mf/450 each) 2 in each can. There is no model number on it that I can find. I checked the fuse and it was blown. There was a scattered lot of fuses (blown) on the floor of various size ratings…all the way up to 5 Amps. I took the amp unit out of the cabinet and flipped it over. The bottom of the shelf where the transformer sat was drenched in wax. I assumed the transformer was blown. I took it home (amp only, and 100 miles away) and began thinking and metering around. I found the tubes all checked good however they had placed a 5U4 in place of a 5Y3. The factory tube numbers were stenciled on the chassis. I found one of the filter (can) capacitors shorted to ground. I disconnected it to be sure. Ohmed it and it is definitely shorted. Hoping it was the only problem and possibly the transformer is still good, I clipped in a 10mf/450v cap in place of the shorted one and put a 2 amp fuse in the holder and fired it up. Blew fuse. So I disconnected all leads on the transformer and put a 2A fuse in series with the primary and fired it up. Blew fuse. So now I have confirmed a bad transformer and it was a Thordarson T22R02. A 600 center tapped, 6.3vac CT and 5vac transformer. That is very hard to find however I did find a Hammond Trans 272FX which is electrically the same (somewhat stronger) but larger in footprint. That doesn’t bother me because it is hidden and I can make it sit there somehow. I can’t find a schematic nor anyone who even knows anything about this thing.

    Now my real question,

    While I am in there I want to replace all the electrolytic (can types are easy) which are stamped on the can. However, there are 2 caps in there I can’t identify. Both are totally devoid of any markings. Simply too old. They are metallic tubes (axiel) (about ½ inch diameter and 1.5 inches long) and both are placed in a cathode circuit. One is attached directly to the 6V6 cathode. It is paralleled by a resistor then tied to one side of the audio output transformer. The other - along with a resistor-is tied to the cathode of the 6SN7. The non cathode end of the cap is going to what looks like an audio in plug. That wire is shielded. The resistor tied with the cap to the cathode, is ground tied to ground. Both of those capacitors in question are exactly the same physical size and I would believe they are probably the same capacitors but neither have any markings.

    What size capacitor should I place in these positions?

    Anyone have experience with these?

    Anyone have a schematic? Should be a single sheet!