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Organ Draw stops

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  • Organ Draw stops

    I'm a musician but a real newbie to the world of Organs so please forgive my naivety and terminology.
    I 'repurpose' items for want of a better expression and am desperately seeking new or old Drawstops. Whilst I understand that this isnt the classifieds section, would anyone be able to give me a heads up on where to find such items? New or old is ok but there is nothing on ebay.
    I appreciate your time and expertise
    Kind Regards


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    These are also referred to as drawknobs and stop mechanisms, so you may need to search under those terms. Currently some units available on eBay: https://www.--------/itm/Lot-of-7-Al...0hnh:rk:1:pf:0

    Note that different manufacturers have different head styles and difference in the mechanism, so the draw movement may be different, also the busing through the jamb (the panel on which they are mounted) can be plastic or felt covered, with different colors of felt being used. The drawknob stem is sometimes different colors and different styles. A complete assembly consists of the mechanism, the shank (on non-motorized units; usually this is built into the ones with solenoid motors), the stem, and the head. As a result, it is best to have all the units on one organ made by the same manufacturer.


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      It must be said, pipe organ drawknobs are a highly specialized piece of kit. They cost accordingly when new. I don't know... 're-purposing' them? Might I ask why? Or how? I ask because there might be other sorts of solenoid operated switching assemblies that could work for you that do not carry the considerable price overhead that drawknobs in quantity do. Even used, drawknobs won't be cheap in the same way that something doing the same function in say, an automobile, would be. Also, besides Syndyne, Peterson and Klann, I don't think there is wide availability and most (all?) of these companies only sell to registered organ-building concerns. If I were looking for drawknobs I would be looking for small (or large) organbuilding concerns located near me.