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  • Greetings

    Greetings from the (currently chilly) choir loft! I’ve been an occasional lurker here and decided it was probably time to make an introduction. I’m the current “organist” at my Catholic Church, but I use that term very loosely as I’m actually an English teacher by training. I’m hoping to be able to work in some lessons at some point. I’ve had years of piano and some organ, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of playing. I’m also very lucky to have two well-maintained pipe organs to practice on, so I really have no excuse to avoid working on getting rid of those quotes around my title!

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    Welcome to the forum ! There are lots of good people here, and we are always glad to have new members. You say you have two pipe organs to practice on - are they in the same church ? That is unusual. Tell us about them please.
    Regards, Larry

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      Welcome, donanobispacem! I hope you continue to participate here for quite a time to come. Do you have an idea who would get lessons from, or how to look for someone to teach you?

      Please keep us posted on your progress.


      P.S. Is your church strictly liturgical, or more progressive in music style?
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        We are one parish with two very old church buildings, hence the two organs. One is a Wicks that has had a few digital stops added and the other (and by far my favorite) is an Austin. Both are two-manual consoles. There are a few colleges around with organ faculty, but finding the time to add a lesson has proven challenging. Our Masses are very liturgical, although I would say one of our hymnals is very heavy on piano-friendly arrangements.


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          Hello and welcome to the Forum Dona Nobis Pachem. One of my favorite pieces of music. As by your own admission you are a long-time "lurker" you will be familiar with the extensive content of knowledge, assistance, wit and fellowship around this Forum. All the best in your efforts and do keep us updated regarding your progress.

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            Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here and don't be shy to either ask questions or share knowledge - you don't have to be an organ scholar or concert organist to take part in discussions :-)


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              Many of us certainly identify with your situation. A lot of folks come to the organ from a piano background, and some of us have basically learned the organ by on the job training, workshops, personal study, and with the help of this forum too.

              You may not think so yourself, but you may well already play better than the vast majority of folks who serve churches these days. At least you have a solid piano background and you express interest in improving your organ skills. So don't underestimate yourself.

              There are a number of very good online sources for "basic" organ lessons (especially from the LDS church, and from Allen Organ Company too), but you may already be more advanced than the group these "starting from scratch" lessons are aimed at. Perhaps you'll find a teacher in your area who can lead you to a higher level of playing. But if you are already handling the liturgical requirements of your church, you are doing a great thing.

              Keep up the good work, and keep on posting here. It's nice to have you aboard.
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                Welcome. I too was a long-time piano student who didn't start serious classical pipe organ studies until the age of 43. And with a lot of work has done well service playing on the organ; now retired. One of my positions also had a small Wicks organ. Be encouraged in your playing and studies; I wish you God's blessings.

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