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  • Centenial celebration

    I'm throwing this out for some suggestions. In 2025 our Skinner PO will be 100 years old. And I am planning a celebration. Among my thoughts have been recitals by former organists. Bringing in a "name" for a concert. Some hymn sings.... But you might have some suggestions and perhaps experience, so I invite your input.

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    Try to find somethings to play that utilize every stop in the organ. (Not all in one piece, necessarily, but by using many.) In the recitals, list the stops that will be employed in each piece, more or less in order.



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      David, a noble idea. I was thinking (which is rare...) if it were possible to find the music that was played at the inauguration of the organ. That is sure to include some interesting stop combinations, but may be difficult to find.

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    The inaugural organist was Pietro Yon (most famous for composing Gesu Bambino). I'm not sure if the program was saved. But you are right, it would be a nice thing if I can dig the program out.


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      Another idea would be to have a series of recitals with each dedicated to a period of music (i.e. Baroque, French Classical, Romantic, 20th century, etc.). I hope that gives you some ideas.

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