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Is the Encyclopedia of Organ Stops gone?

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  • Is the Encyclopedia of Organ Stops gone?

    For the past few days i have been trying to get on the website to do some reading when i keep getting the recourse not available error and i beginning to suspect that that web site is down, not working or is it just flat out gone.

    If i am wrong i am wrong about things but i asking if anyone has any trouble getting onto the site.
    22/8 Button accordion.

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    Appears that this has happened before. There was another thread a couple years ago about it.

    But there is hope ... it can still be accessed via archive.org which has most of the pages archived but somewhat spotty and few to none of the sound files seemed to have been archived. The link is: https://web.archive.org/web/20150428...FullIndex.html


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      I have tried a number of the arpeggio sound files which have been marked OUT in the index, and they do sound.

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    I have not been able to access it for several years. Apparently the DNS server that my computer uses does not have a link to it. I can access the link Piperdane posted.