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Frankfurt music fair (Musikmesse)

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  • Frankfurt music fair (Musikmesse)

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so if there's a better place than the General Chat section, please move the thread :-)

    This week, Frankfurt is hosting the international music fair, and it's the first time in years that the fair ends on a friday. In the past years, saturday was the last day and usually quite busy because many hobby musicians came.

    I'm a volunteer for the Frankfurt based archive for women in music (25.000 units by 1.800 female composers in our library) and we have a booth at the fair every year.

    Yesterday I walked around for a bit, but only saw two organ-related exhibitors.
    One is building consoles and other equipment for "Hauptwerk" organs: and the other is a manufacturer of keyboards for digital organs:

    The console guys were pretty arrogant and didn't let me near their two consoles - they even said that I probably wouldn't know how to work a touch screen after I had told them that my main organ is a pipe organ with stop knobs that you pull manually...
    The keyboard builder was very friendly and invited me to try the keyboards. I must admit, the look and feel of those keyboards was really good.

    It seems that the fair gets smaller every year and a lot of business is happening elsewhere. But I had a very good time so far and will be at our booth again this afternoon.

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    The Sonorgan guys sound like real jerks. It can't be good for their business if they were so dismissive of you when you were in their booth.

    My home organ: Content M5800 as a midi controller for Hauptwerk


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      Funnily enough, a day later they were quoted by a protestant news site saying that they hoped for new clients (including organists). :->