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  • new member with lots of keyboards!

    I just wanted to introduce myself before I start posting in other forums. I am a Texas transplant new to Frederick MD. My love for keyboards started at a young age and I still have my grandmother's Baldwin Hamilton baby grand piano. In college I fell in love with harpsichords and I have a single manual Burton built from a kit in the 1970s. I also have a circa 1900 Beckwith reed organ that my great-great grandmother ordered out of the Sears catalog! I have a 1970s Wurlitzer two-manual electric organ (the kind with the full length of pedals, not the ones just to the left side). I also have a Jenco celeste ("celestette"). And my latest acquisition is a kit clavichord. Not to mention all my toy pianos!

    I may be posting in the future about my organs which need repair, but I just wanted to introduce myself and see who all is here and where you live! Is this forum mostly US-based or are there people from worldwide on here?

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    Originally posted by inkybrown View Post
    Is this forum mostly US-based or are there people from worldwide on here?

    Welcome to the Forum. The short answer to your question is, "Yes!" A large contingent of people are from the US (where the Forum is hosted), but there are also a great number of regular contributors from other countries (i.e. Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, and many other countries).

    One of my pump organs is a Sears & Roebuck labeled organ from 1898 (https://organforum.com/gallery/displ..._display_media), but they were later called Beckwith organs. You're in the right place to find advice and direction on repairing your organs.

    I hope you continue here for years to come. Again, welcome to the Forum.

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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      Welcome to the fold! We look forward to hearing about your collection and seeing a few photos. I wonder which model Wurlitzer you have. 1970s console could be something like a 4500 or 4480, perhaps. Or one of the slightly later Centura models (same organs, but with different coloured tabs, basically!)
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        Welcome, and remember the motto, "He who has the most toys in the end WINS" It sounds like you have a good collection to start you off with this group just right!
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          "He who has the most toys in the end WINS"
          I won!!!


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          He has the most toys in the end is still dead.

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        Toy pianos, an interesting subject. They have a pleasing tone whose shining moment was Seals and Crofts' beautiful song Summer Breeze.


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          HI everybody, sorry for the long delay in posting photos. It took me a good while to move in and then I broke my ankle and after surgery it took another good while to get back and running so to speak. But now I have a keen desire to get my Wurlitzer working again because I need to buy a new piano and if I can't get the organ working, I will move it down to the basement. I did take some pictures of my instruments for those who are interested. I'm going to create a page on my website where I can put all the photos as I cannot figure out to post them on here! Hope to get it done tonight.

          The organ is a Wurlitzer 4460. It has a plate on it that says "Percussion by Wurlitzer" but I have no idea what that means because I don't see any drum machine built in or anything! Is it better to post my technical question here or in another section. Basically, it turns on but the keys do not produce sound. Not sure how long ago that happened, because I went quite a while without turning it on. Not sure if it's just a wiring issue or how that would be fixed. It used to work just fine.


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          For Wurlitzer parts, Morelock's Organ Part and Service in Rienzi, Mississippi is the place to go to. They have the Wurlitzer parts and service manuals. They are very helpful as well.


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            I keep getting "error uploading image" so I went ahead and uploaded all the photos to my website. You can see descriptions and photos of all my "toys" there!