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Service Planning for 50th Anniversary

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  • Service Planning for 50th Anniversary

    So my church's Worship Leader has an opportunity to preach this coming Sunday. She wants to do a service around the Apollo program and successful Moon landing in particular, but also take in space and space exploration in general. She was not yet born when these events transpired. Needless to say this is outside of the usual clergy take on Christian Theology. I do like this person, however, I'd like to support her project in any way I can.

    I found a transcription for Horn of 'Jupiter' from The Planets, and I think our resident Horn player can handle it. I have a couple of hymn arrangements where the arranger took a well known hymn-tune and also worked Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" theme into it. After that I am plumb out of ideas. I can't think of a single hymn, ancient or modern, that might be suitable. Well there is one: "Creator of the Stars of Night" which is an ancient tune and text that I have never heard sung in any church, ever, but it would work, I think. I am strongly thinking about using it. Any other ideas? TIA!

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    I think one of the verses of "For the Beauty of the Earth" references the moon and stars. Maybe it could be used after the sermon to parallel returning to earth safely.

    Maybe Clair de Lune could be worked in somewhere.
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      Patrick's Breastplate - third verse:

      I bind unto myself today
      the virtues of the starlit heaven,
      the glorious sun's life-giving ray,
      the whiteness of the moon at even,
      the flashing of the lightning free,
      the whirling wind's tempestuous shocks,
      the stable earth, the deep salt sea
      around the old eternal rocks.
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        I realize this post is too late, but I couldn't resist. Here is an old hymn from the Baptist Hymnal of 1975. Personally, I think this hymn is ridiculous and poorly written and I don't think it ever really became a standard favorite among the Southern Baptist folks. Nevertheless, it definitely has to do with space exploration

        The hymn “God of Earth and Outer Space” was written by Thad Roberts Jr. in 1970 (of South Main Baptist Church, Houston, Texas), and included in the 1975 Baptist Hymnal. Here is the hymn. The tune is Aberystwyth from 1879.

        God of earth and outer space,
        God of love and God of grace,
        Bless the astronauts who fly,
        As they soar beyond the sky.
        God who flung the stars in space,
        God who set the sun ablaze,
        Fling the spacecraft thru the air,
        Let man know your presence there.

        God of atmosphere and air,
        God of life and planets bare,
        Use man's courage and his skill
        As he seeks your holy will.
        God of depth and God of height,
        God of darkness, God of light,
        As man walks in outer space,
        Teach him how to walk in grace.

        God of man's exploring mind,
        God of wisdom, God of time,
        Launch us from complacency
        To a world in need of thee.
        God of power, God of might,
        God of rockets firing bright.
        Hearts ignite and thrust within,
        Love for Christ to share with men.

        God of earth and outer space,
        God who guides the human race,
        Guide the lives of seeking youth
        In their search for heav'nly truth.
        God who reigns below, above,
        God of universal love,
        Love that gave Nativity,
        Love that gave us Calvary.

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          Musikfan! That would have been PERFECT! There is no way I can tell my WL about the existence of this text and no way I can't. She did fine. I can't believe it. ...

          EDIT: It's done, I've unburdened myself. You're practically on the East Coast, that will buy you some time ...