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Found in the Organ Bench or Organ Loft

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    Found in the Organ Bench or Organ Loft

    The current thread "Fall off the bench or hide under it" reminded me of something that happened a number of years ago. I was asked to play for a wedding at a church that I had never been to before. When I arrived for my first practice session, I did what probably most of you do, I looked to see what sort of music the regular organist plays by checking out the contents of the organ bench. However, I was not prepared for what I found. Someone used the shelf under the bench as a place to stash risqué magazines.

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    I want to like this post, but am unsure what will be read into it


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      I'll like yours instead. LOL

    What a great idea for a thread! I'm looking forward to hearing what other peculiar things have been found in these secretive repositories. When we take in an organ from an estate sale or even traded in from a church the bench is usually crammed full of the most godawful music, possibly some old church bulletins, some tictacs or cough drops or whatever. No porn (yet), but nothing would surprise me any more!
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      I'm currently cleaning out our choir loft, which isn't being used anymore except by the now retired organist. Just junk, old bulletins, partially-filled water bottles, mints, paraments, cross-stitched "reserved" doohickies for marking the pews where "the family" sits in weddings/funerals, and lots of lots of photocopies of miscellaneous music (and some unmarked Braille copies, fortunately I can read Braille and get them filed for our two blind singers). A bunch of folders and such that haven't been used since we had a more substantial choir. But I'm definitely gonna look more closely now! =)
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    These are what were in the bench of the BC 8)
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      Nice find. Might actually be worth something if the models were well known back in the day. Considering its a Hammond and might have played some club gigs, I would have expected a nearly empty roll of duct tape, some old set lists, and maybe a guitar pick.

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      Hardwick Blazers used scantily clad women, whom they refered to as "maids" in their ads. They called their male customers "knights." Clearly a different era! You can find quite a few of their old ads by searching online. One of their ads features a "knight" at a piano with the "maid" sitting on the lid wearing what appears to be a black slip.

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      Wow, thank you! The clothing company came up on my initial search but I didn't see the same logo. Digging into their website, there it is plain as day! The last owner (let's call him Don) didn't gig with the BC but he did have a lot of stuff in the bench from his band days. In the early '60s as junior high school students we all were forced to take dance lessons at a particular studio. At the end of the year there would be a dance with an actual live band. At the age of about 19, Don's band played one of these dances. In the bench was his carefully written contract. For working 3 hours with two 15 minute breaks each musician was paid $8.00 8) There are also some set lists, assorted music books etc. For Valentine's Day it was "My Funny Valentine", "Loving You" (Elvis), "As Time Goes By" (Chicago) and "You Are So Beautiful" (Cocker). I intend to return the personal stuff to his daughter who sold me the BC, I'm not sure she realized what all was in the bench.

    Cut foot(!)nails on and under the organ bench, do they fit in this post? I find them regularly. Even on the console near the manuals.....But my fellow organists doesn't ever cut their nails on the organ, they tell me.

    ps I didn't know what stash risqué magazines are, until I had read the post of John....


      Hi Dutchy,

      “Stash” is another word for “store” or “hide”. “Risqué” means “suggestive”, “naughty” or “indelicate”.

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        My church had a Baldwin church organ before we got our current organ. After the old organist died nobody cleaned out the bench so there is still all of her old music in there.
        An Song arrangement book I think there two , a couple hymnals and what not.
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          I found three cartons of carillon rolls from the carillon we haven't had since the late seventies. Also a godawful leak in the roof, sigh.


            That's hilarious lol. Passion sits where passion fits I guess!