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  • Astericking?

    Why do some folks here asterisk out website names and other “brand” names, like ”*ouTube”. I don’t get it, someone please explain...
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    I do not understand it either, unless it is to avoid using a trademark.


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      Perhaps they stutter and are a little embarassed...

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    Below is a direct quote from a longer article at https://www.theguardian.com/books/bo...witter-revival.

    "Not to be confined to softening offensive words, the asterisk is evolving again. People have ta to using the symbol in words they simply don’t like, such as “transgendered” or “D*nald Tr*mp” – the latter gaining cult p*pularity on Twitter, with even Joyce Carol Oates joining in."

    Perhaps this is the reason.


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      Very interesting! Thank you Allen!

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    I'm sure he will chime in here later but Michael (myorgan) has told me that since this forum is scanned by Google and other search engines, he doesn't want to have a search for certain words like the name of a well-known online auction site, etc. lead back to threads on this forum. Perhaps that would be "asteRISKing" (boo, hiss) more hits on the server here that have nothing to do with organs.
    Larry is my name; Allen is an organ brand. Allen RMWTHEA.3 with RMI Electra-Piano; Allen 423-C+Gyro; Britson Opus OEM38; Saville Series IV Opus 209; Steinway AR Duo-Art, Mills Violano Virtuoso with MIDI; Hammond 9812H with roll player; Gulbransen Rialto; Roland E-200; Mason&Hamlin AR Ampico piano, Allen ADC-5300-D with MIDI.


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      We then should asterisk "*rgan" to make the site work-safe...

      As a long time Amiga user, this use of asterisks offends me. I prefer ? and #?. So I would rather see ?rgan or O#?n.


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        At one point (and it may still be in effect), Skimlinks was creating links for various products from everyone's posts–even if you did not create a link, it would automatically be added to your post. Because the asterisk is what is known as a "wildcard" in computer lingo, it can literally stand for any character. For that reason, Skimlinks and other sites scanning the Forum do not pick up brand names if the asterisk is placed as the first character.

        An example of this happened in the Allen Tone Card thread. If someone put "IBM punch card" in their post, the two words "punch card" would link to something totally unrelated. Other posts containing a phrase such as "digital audio recording," it would be translated to a link to a "digital audio workstation" or something of the like. I'm sure that will change eventually as AI develops, but for now, it works. I really object to my posts being linked to items I neither have knowledge of, nor support.

        Hope that helps.

        Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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          I don't have any objection to obfuscation using asterisks other than I find it annoying. I should point again that this site depends on the little advertising found on it for its health. If you're doing anything to circumvent these ads you're cutting your own throat. P*rty on !
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            I haven't noticed skimlinks in the last few years. Is this something addressed in the new forum software? or is there another reason they aren't being generated?
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              I've noticed that they haven't been as prevalent lately, but I do see that they are being generated and clicked on in the Skimlinks dashboard.

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            Don't you mean Sk*ml*nks?😆