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  • Nostalgia

    I was clearing out some stuff and came across a 1970'ies space age music system. Its a Weltron 2005. Could not take pictures but it is the same as this one:


    and this one:


    I thought this system was constructed to be way ahead of its time, featuring stereo radio reception and booming bass sounds. It was made even before the advent of cassette tapes and still worked with 8-track tapes. The record and tape players still work.

    Now what to do with this beast?

    I also found a beautifully preserved Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 1001 amp with matching speakers, casette tape deck and record player also from the mid 1970'ies.

    Anyone feel like reminiscing?

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    They are indeed oldies! I've not seen the Weltron before, but the music store I worked in from 1972 to 1975 also sold hi-fi, TVs etc. B&O was one of our 'premium' lines. I can't recall selling a 1001 but I do remember selling amps and tuners etc that were very similar. Our main line was Sony, we had the exclusive dealership for Brighton and carried everything from cheap stereos right up to their top line stuff. I bought an HP239A music centre, TC152SD portable cassette deck and a TV - staff discount came in handy!

    Apart from the CD player and cassette deck, my current hi-fi separates all date from 1979, with the speakers being a bit later, from 1984. The CD player came later, obviously, and I'm on my fourth cassette deck, though it's also vintage-ish, maybe early 90s.

    All working perfectly.

    And at the weekend, I fired up the Kenwood Chef mixer. I inherited it a few years back, and as far as I know, it's from the late 1960s. Built like a tank and still works as advertised. I was going to say that the mixer is the oldest working item in the house, but I do have a clockwork model tug that my Grandmother bought me in the very early 1960s. Restored and oiled, it still runs too!
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      that looks like it came right out of a clockwork orange!

      i recently sorted through my late grandfather's belongings and i found this flyer for his super zenith radio. this is not-stalgia since it's as old as 1927, but it has aged in a fun way. (i'll type out the rest of the text when i get to it)

      Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted by Logan View Post
        i'll type out the rest of the text when i get to it

        Since the days of prehistoric man with his stone ax and animal skin loincloth
        to the present day of 30 mile artillery and fine textured evening clothes,
        there has been unfolded to each successive generation some outstanding
        development of utmost importance to the human race.

        The motion picture camera photographs full colors in comparison
        with the old tin type. The incandescent bulb replaces the candle
        and the electric refrigerator replaces the old fashioned ice box.

        But even greater than any of these hundreds of developements
        is the astounding forward step in today's---tomorrow's---radio!
        Today the Zenith Automatic Tuning Device replaces
        the old-fashioned hand-tuning dial!

        Today you press a button and your favorite station, regardless
        of distance, is automatically tuned in! There is no fussing
        with dials (although the dial is free for use at all times)
        no searching for wave lengths --no need of log books--
        no "In-between" station noises! Automatic tuning is
        instant and exact.

        Zenith--and Zenith alone--controls (through its patents)
        and offers this "mile stone" in radio development to you.
        Your nearest dealer (provided he is the better type of
        radio merchant) will be glad to demonstrate Automatic tuning.

        Don't do yourself the injustice of buying any radio
        without seeing the latest---Automatic radio.

        Yours very truly,


        Why do fools fall in lava?


        • Larrytow
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          I remember the advertising line : Zenith; The Quality goes In before the Name goes On !

        • Logan
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          oh! thank you for mentioning, Larrytow as i heard that phrase in the song "step right up" and never knew where it came from