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Easter during lockdown

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    Here in the UK the Anglican church (quite rightly, I think, in view of the social distancing measures our government has taken) does not allow anyone to go into church, except for essential maintenance or security reasons. So our Vicar has to stream services from his study.

    For Easter, though, I got those choir members who were willing and able to do so to record their parts at home and send them to me. I then edited them together (a steep learning curve for me!). I was quite pleased with the results considering we're just a village church choir, and the congregation appreciated it. Here's the first hymn. (We haven't got any tenors or basses.)

    Some problems to sort out for the future: in particular, I couldn't get the organ loud enough as I recorded it with my wife and me singing on the same track. Doing it differently this week! I'm attaching it, not because I think it's worth listening to, but because it was something we could do ourselves for Easter Day - and it might encourage others to do the same.
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      Thank you for sharing this beautiful music and the idea and encouragement with all of us!

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      Which editing program did you use? I can help, if you need to level individual tracks again. We can do it via Private Message, if you wish. I'm currently in the place of putting together a virtual performance for my music students via computer, so I'm in the throes of that task now, as well.


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    Michael, I usually use Total Recorder which is very easy to use. Unfortunately it doesn't allow multiple tracks so I downloaded the free programme, Audacity. It is very good but the one thing I dislike is that precise synchronization of tracks is a bit hit and miss: you have to drag them with a mouse. I'd like to be able to nudge them in precise increments.

    I can adjust the levels of different tracks but the mistake I made this first time is that I made the initial recording with my wife and I singing while I played the organ. The result is that I then couldn't make the organ louder without also amplifying our voices too much. I think mine was loud enough, quite honestly!
    If you can recommend a better mixing programme that's reasonably cheap I'd be really grateful.



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      Pretty amazing! Hard to believe the voices were recorded separately. Yes, the organ needs to be more prominent, but that is a minor quibble. Compared to the very simple and humble recordings I've made to send to church members during this crisis, yours is quite cool!
      *** Please post your questions about technical service or repair matters ON THE FORUM. Do not send your questions to me or another member by private message. Information shared is for the benefit of the entire organ community, but other folks will not be helped by information we exchange in private messages!



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        We have a 100-voice choir. I think such an effort would be unthinkable for us! Good that you could do it, though.


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          Indeed! We only have 16 in our village choir and only 8 were able to send in recordings. Some older ones didn't have the technology and others didn't have the courage: it's not easy to sing into a phone while listening on headphones, and harder still to send in the imperfect results. (We're not talking about professional singers here!) I added a bit of reverb which made it sound like more and mitigate the effect of the dry acoustics of people's sitting rooms.

          We've also had Zoom "choir practices": it turned out to be impossible to sing together because of the time lag, but we sing through some things, mainly with microphones off, and, more importantly, have a chat to keep morale up.
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