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Devtronix???? **** An Answer!

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  • Devtronix???? **** An Answer!

    Has anyone had trouble getting in contact with Devtronix? I've emailed them - no response.
    I called them this morning. Let the phone ring 25 times before the phone company flipped me off the call. No Answer! I did find a way to get into their full catalog, but did not find any info on Organ Console Plans.

    Anyone have any idea of what's going on? Maybe an alternate way of contacting them?



    Copied from the responce of my second email to Devtroinics.......

    Many thanks for your message!

    We've been experiencing massive email problems - over 200 spam/virus mails a day made it necessary to install filtering software to try to keep our traffic down to customer inquiries..... suffice to say, it has not been a positive experience either. It makes me want to go back to tin cans and string.

    We do have working drawings of theatre consoles (french or scroll) and a classic console (drawknob 3 manual). Each set is $55 + S&H (both theatre consoles are available combined for $80 + S&H, since they do have common elements.) Be aware that these are not easy projects, so a good working knowledge of woodworking is necessary.

    We are also in the process of making major changes in our business structure, and are holding acceptance of orders until mid-September as we complete the changes.

    We appreciate your interest in our products, and look forward to serving you!

    Best always,

    Mark Voorhees

    abcavitt wrote:

    I've read on the Organ Forum that you folks offer console plans for sale. I've searched your site, and can't find them. I've tried to call, but get no answer. This is my second email to you. PLEASE RESPOND!Thanks, Al CavittDuncanville, TX
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    Re: Devtronix???? **** An Answer!

    I have a set of the Paramount Scroll Style console -
    Do you still need these?
    Do you have a plotter available to plot out scanned files?
    Barry Johnson


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      Re: Devtronix???? **** An Answer!

      Barry - Thanks for responding.

      2nd question answered 1st -- No on the plotter. Just an HP 840C DeskJet printer.

      1st question answered 2nd -- Yes, I still could use the plans! What is your asking price?

      If you would like, you can email me directly at abcavitt@charter.net




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        Re: Devtronix???? **** An Answer!

        (well, maybe $10 to pay for postage, just a guess)
        This would be for a copy of the plans, unmodified.
        I will need an address

        I am presently scaling these up to an equivalent of a Publix (4-manual) if you might be interested in the future.