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Lowrey still making organs?

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  • Lowrey still making organs?

    I thought lowrey stopped making organs forever but I recently found a new video advertising the new ringway and estey organs. Is lowrey still making organs, but now just under the ringway and estey names?

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    From an earlier thread -

    Originally posted by RogerM View Post

    Yes, I was mindful of the fact that we had concluded in another thread that Lowrey replacements would come from Estey at entry-level and from Ringway at the higher level. The new Ringway models seem to be a natural progression from the existing RS600 and RS1000, bearing no resemblance to anything Lowrey, whereas the new Esteys bear a strong resemblance to the Lowrey EZ range.

    I would have thought something would be made of the Lowrey/new Ringway connection if, indeed, it is there. The RS800 has been available in Australia for a year now so it's not that new.
    We seem to be generally agreed on the Estey contribution but there is doubt over the Ringways. Some posters think the latest Ringways are to replace the bigger Lowreys while others think there is something more Lowrey-like yet to come, from Ringway or perhaps even Wersi. I think you can rest assured that Kawai/Lowrey themselves are out of the game.

    There's plenty of reading on the subject here -
    https://organforum.com/forums/forum/...lus-a-surprise And here
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