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I don`t know what to do with a young hopeful player

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  • aeolian pat
    Making sounds and having little victories is great fun. Playing music however, is real work. It can become boring. Before you continue with his music you should find out if this is a passing interest or will he be willing to really work. There are a lot of good garage bands out there. But a great talented musician always has to work hard.

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  • quantum
    Maybe present him with a challenge project and see how he approaches it by himself. It will give you an idea of how he likes to work.

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  • myorgan
    So, is the son 12 or 10? It sounds like he's a hands-on learner and would do well with someone who can challenge a student who learns that way. Jazz musicians tend to work together in that manner and perform that way. Perhaps lead sheets (pronounced leed) would be a good place to start.

    Hope that helps point you a certain direction. Where you're in the UK (presumably), member AndyG will have excellent input on where to lead him to find a good teacher.


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  • joner4567
    started a topic I don`t know what to do with a young hopeful player

    I don`t know what to do with a young hopeful player

    I am 63 and have children 12 and 10 years old,
    Left it late , i know, but ...
    I have been playing keyboards or organs for years and am basically useless , i can only play if i have sheet music or books in front of me .
    If you take it away ,it as if you pulled the stop as if you pulled the plug out.

    Problem is,
    My son , who has never taken a interest in what the old man is doing in his cinema room with his music has now discovered something.

    With the VE remembrance item going on the TV and also with his school work ,of how to improvise of ideas, he asked me , what can i do , so i said play a song.
    I wrote the letters of "well meet again" on a song sheet and also felt tipped them on the the keyboards with with self glued white labels on the sharps.

    I played , what the song should sound like from you tube , then after explaining how to do what is where and semibreves ect , he picked it up, within a few minutes.

    So, here i am now wondering what to do with a seemingly , natural player?

    After x 2 practices and run through , i can take the sheet music away and he can play perfectly..., I CAN`T....
    So, we posted it on his local seesaw primary school learning page and my MRs face book.
    It went viral with lots of views.

    Thing is ,
    He finds online tutorials boring , me, trying to teach boring,

    I am afraid that he is a natural talent is going be wasted on me which as no idea what to do with him
    HELP please