Many of us are making music for our churches by posting on YouTube these days, better than nothing I suppose! I hope others might post their Pentecost hymns and organ pieces here as well, so feel free to share yours too.

My church has asked me to do a "hymn story" every other Sunday for distribution. Today being Pentecost, I decided to tell the background story to a 20th century hymn written for Pentecost by Daniel B. Merrick, a prominent Disciples of Christ pastor and writer of hymns, and the editor of the 1995 Chalice Hymnal.

Since a great deal of time went into this, I thought I'd share it with this group as well. The video begins with a twelve minute talk -- some Pentecost scripture, some bio on Daniel Merrick and on William Gardiner (whose tune "Germany" I used with this hymn text). Merrick's text is in standard "Long Meter" form, so there are of course dozens of good hymn tunes to which it may be sung. I chose this one because it seemed fitting. The tune with it in the Chalice Hymnal is an adapted Plainsong, but I thought it best to use a more typical type of tune to share with my congregation.

At about 12:27 we move to the chancel of First Christian Church, Sherwood, and I play this hymn while my wife and I sing the words. Nothing professional here, but a heartfelt offering to our church.

The "talk" is just me sitting at my desk at home, recording with the built-in camera and microphone on my laptop. At church I used my cellphone to capture the video and my Roland R-09 digital audio recorder to capture the sound, which I spliced to the video using Windows Movie Maker.

Remember you can skip the "sermon" if you like and hear the hymn at 12:27. (The zimbelstern at the end is from the Allen Expander in the drawer.)