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  • New Member from Ontario Canada

    Good Day You All:

    I am a farmer / electrical engineer old guy.

    I am here because:

    1) I enjoy organ music, amoungst almost all kinds of music especially classical (Mozart is my favourite, along with Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, Mendolson, and others I cannot remember just now.

    2) And because I recently saved about 100 wooden pipes and some wind chests from becoming firewood.

    I intend to set them up in my house and, initially, use them as driveway and door bell annunciators. And then, hopefully, move on to making more involved music with them.

    I will need some advice, I literally know nothing about music, except what I like to listen to.

    So I will be asking rookie questions.

    Thanks for having me,

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    Welcome, Jogl. I thought you might like to see this video for some inspiration for your project. Be sure to let us know about your progress.


    My home organ: Content M5800 as a midi controller for Hauptwerk


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      Welcome to the Forum! Rookies are welcome. We have other members who do not play, but repair organs for the use of others who can. There's all sorts of people here from around the world, so perhaps you'll gain International insights into the music you listen to.

      Thanks for joining!

      Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
      • MOS-2 Model 505-B / ADC-4300-DK / ADC-5400 / ADC-6000 (Symphony) / ADC-8000DKC
      • Lowrey Heritage (DSO-1)
      • 9 Pump Organs, 1 Pipe Organ & 6 Pianos


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        Hello there.

        I am also from SW Ontario. I also like you, enjoy organ music. However, I have no engineering or advanced electrical experience at all. I am however beginning to learn how to play keyboard instruments, including organs of course.


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          How odd–I was just across the border from both of you last week on a quick trip! Glad to have both of you aboard.


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        Welcome to the forum!
        I'm not a farmer, but own a tractor (and several trucks). And play the pipe organ

        Hope you will find a lot of inspiration here and please let us know about the progress of your organ pipe project.