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    I have been here for a little bit, and had a couple posts already, but I realize I have not yet formally introduced myself.

    I'm new to music in general, and I am just learning to play keyboard based instruments, though I am partial to synthesizers, and organs. I just recently discovered a playlist on spotify entitled "hammond organ in rock", which consists of rock songs which use a hammond organ in them (so I would assume at least) and well it sounds awesome. I also like pipe organs, and I have some reed or "electric chord organ"s as well.

    I'll also ask a question here, as I said I am just new to learning how to play keyboard instruments. I have already been told that since I am mainly interested in organs and synths, I don't need weighted keys or a full 88 key keyboard, and that a 61 key like the one Yamaha PSR-150 I already have should suffice for now.

    Due to the pandemic I am just self-learning at home, but, I am now past the part of learning the very basics and I don't really know where to go from here. Can anyone recommend any youtube channel, book, online lessons of any sort, that may help?

    In future, when possible I am considering some in person lessons too, because I feel I could benefit from in-person instruction as well.

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      Welcome to the Organ Forum. I'm guessing you're more interested in playing popular music rather than classical, but here is a good basic introduction to pipe organs

      You'll find some good information on pop and rock playing in the Practice & Performance Rock, Blues, Pop, & Jazz channel on the Forum.
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        You could check out AndyG's website. He has a lot of helpful information and materials for learning organ.
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