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Hammond M-3 Tone Generator Stuck?

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  • Hammond M-3 Tone Generator Stuck?

    Hi All, First post here. I recently purchased an M3 and I’m having trouble with the TG. I’ve finally got the tone wheel freed up, but the wheel next to the motor won’t budge when I turn on the run switch. Even when I release the run motor wheel springs from the flywheel it won’t turn. I know that the motor is working, because I can feel the magnetic pull on the wheel when I turn it. I’m very new to this, so I apologize for the ignorance here, but should I just keep oiling it?

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    Hi Dvdmen. Welcome to the Organ Forum! Lots of interesting people here with all kinds of knowledge and experience.

    As a newbie, it can be tricky to navigate in a new place. There are specific forums here that will put your request where more people will see it, which is why I've made the following suggestion.....

    Admin/Moderator - If this thread were moved to a more appropriate forum, I'm guessing that it offer Dvdmen more responses.


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      Regeron, thanks so much! Yeah, I kinda figured O wsdoing something wrong here.


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        Dvdmen, nothing done wrong. We all learn as we go. As you get more familiar with the website, you'll figure out which forum is best for which questions.