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Back In the Day When Families Gathered 'Round the Organ

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  • Back In the Day When Families Gathered 'Round the Organ

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    What a way to have fun at a funeral!

    I think they could have chosen a better photo for that particular album! Thanks for sharing.


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      Nostalgic indeed. And then amazingly there are still some of those around and singing - however, the family members might not be able to say the same, and those who can, probably changed a little over time....
      Those were the days...:-(

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        I was a teenager (1960s) and played my Aunt's during a family party. A number of people sang along. My one uncle did with great gusto. The next day he couldn't talk. It took about a week to recover. But we all had great fun that night.


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          This photo appeared a couple of years ago on the Vintage Organ Facebook Group, and great fun was had thinking up more titles, as well as discussing the oddest pieces that any of us have had to play at a funeral. I'll try to find the thread (Facebook's c**p at that!) and post some of them!

          And we've also had plenty of fun looking at the 'happy families' photos in the brochures and adverts. I thought we had some on here too!
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            I'm just wondering where the captions came from! Someone's very good at *hotoShop–it looks original. I would blame Admin, but we all know he's not that clever.O:-) Seriously, the things he comes up with!!!

            I never played it at a funeral, but I always thought the lyrics, Going down for the last time.... would be appropo! All I remember is that it is a song Evie Tournquist sang on her album.

            The sad part is when I used to play for funerals while in high school. I remember one funeral where there were only about 5 people there, and the lady had spent her entire life helping others. How sad when someone spends a life serving and those are the few who remember.:'(

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            I visited an older friend in the late 60's who had just been given one of these chord organs. She just LOVED it!!! I didn't see or hear much to love, but I didn't say anything negative or discouraging. I just let her enjoy her extreme happiness!

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              Hi all,

              A Magnus chord organ started my musical journey when I was about 5 or 6. My first "real" organ (two manuals and pedals) was a Yamaha 115D (A55N outside US) when I was 12.

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                I love some of the titles on the sheet music, :devil: Ripe for jokes!
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                  Does anyone on the forum own a Magnus Chord Organ funeral book? I can only find this picture and derivatives of this picture on the web. It would be funnier if it were real.
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                    That's a song book to die for!


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                      The best $1.00 I ever spent was for a Magmus organ at a garage sale. I had to realign the foam under the keys before it sounded right. Our oldest daughter used it when she was four or five. She never got the hang of playing or reading music but we let her do what she could with it which was interesting. I used to play classical tunes on it. Needless to say the Magmus sound was also interesting for classical music.


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                        Those really WERE the days! And strange as it seems, I'd think an old Magnus chord organ might generate more real interest on the part of a young person than a $100 Casio or Yamaha keyboard with all the corny rhythms and automatic accomp and such. Somebody should bring those back.
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