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Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

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  • Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

    [Totally off-topic] I don't know about you all, but I'm completely mesmerized by Google Earth! [8-|]</P>

    With the economy the way it is, I'm finding it an interesting alternative to visiting places in person.</P>

    Sometimes, whenever a Forum member mentions a church or town they live in, I will 'visit' it. That's how I got a sense of the flooding in Cedar Rapids.</P>

    By 'flying' over some remotetowns in Europe I was able to get a better sense of my ancestor's lives, and for the first time could draw some conclusions about my family history.</P>

    I found a rather interesting web page-Ibo Ortgiescreated some customizations for Google Earth; when youlaunch it, it displays placemarksfor all the Schnitger organs (along with information).</P>

    Some offbeat places to visit - if you have Google Earth you will be taken to the site by clicking on the links:</P>

    (sorry these links won't work if you don't have Google Earth - but you can download &amp; install it for free)</P>
    <LI>Imber, England - a deserted church in a town that is open a few days per year: link</LI>
    <LI>From deserted to 'forbidden': link</LI>
    <LI>Mirny, Siberia - Mir Mine, the world's largest diamond mine; airspace above is closed due to helicopters being pulled down: link</LI>
    <LI>The Palm Islands in Dubai: link</LI>
    <LI>Cetatea Poienari - the 'real'castle of 'Dracula'!(one of the residences of Vlad Tepes):link There are some breathtaking views in the surrounding areas, anda beautiful monastery can be found in Curtea de Arges, just to the south.</LI>
    <LI>More mystery here: link</LI>
    <LI>and here: link</LI>
    <LI>Peaks, man-made: link</LI>
    <LI>and nature-made: link</LI>
    <LI>The worst building in the history of mankind? link</LI>
    <LI>Some high culture (and horticulture): link</LI>
    <LI>Somethingprofound: link</LI>[/list]

    Well, those are just a few spots. Do you have any?</P>

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    Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

    I use it regularly to find destinations and routes...what better map could you have, than an actual picture of the road going to where you want to be?
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      Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

      I'm fascinated by Google Earth as well. The 3D technology has come a long way recently. A few suggestions:</P>
      <LI>Manhattan Island, New York City</LI>
      <LI>Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida (even if you're not a Disney fan, looking at how the theme parks are laid out and interconnected is fascinating)</LI>
      <LI>Mt. St. Helens, Washington state</LI>[/list]

      I have also been using Google Earth more and more as a tool when planning vacations. Clicking the 'Lodging' checkbox overlays all the hotels in the area of interest. This makes selecting lodging that is in the "heart of the action" easy.</P>


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        Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

        Being the county surveyor, I use Google Earth quite a bit. When I have a new tile installed, I will take my GPS and walk the drain then download it onto G.E. I was doing this a year ago February and had a dog take out after me. I tried not to get out of the line of the tile and still avoid the dog. I was too far from my truck where my 357 was but fortunately the contractor was near by and ran the dog off. All of this showed up on G.E. </P>

        I have dial-up at home so I haven't tried to get it here. If you ever chech out Rushville, IN, see if there is an icon to click on somewhere near the courthouse. I tried to put one on about my office, but I have not seen G.E. from any other computer than mine at work. </P>


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          Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

          Just wanted to write a short note to lend some clarity to this thread. My teachers are somewhat confused about what Google Earth is as well.</P>

          Google Maps--Allows one to view a particular address, get directions, mileage, lattitude/longitude coordinates, satellite photos, terrain, and traffic patterns.</P>

          Google Earth--Allows one to do a "fly in" from outer space (like we'd see on some TV shows) to a particular house or address as a satellite photo. When coupled with other programs (such as SketchUp--a free Google download), one can view their house plans on a plot of land they've sold. As Soubasse showed us, one can create related maps and put markers on a map which are linked to photos, sound, video, etc.</P>

          Soubasse, thank you for a unique presentation such an incredible resource. When we least expect it, you stretch our minds a little further! Thank you.</P>

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            Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

            I am completely taken by it as well. I spend way too much time finding the sources of well known rivers and creeks. I have been also discovering hidden waterfalls that even though I've lived here 33 years I had no idea existed. Someone was also resourceful enough to already mark the three lake bed which a hundred years or two were on my farm. Pretty neat stuff.</p>




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              Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

              I'm intrigued by 'hidden waterfalls'. It sounds interesting! [:D]</P>

              I forgot to mention -within Google Earth, you can switch to a view of the sky. From there you can see all kinds of stars, galaxies, nebulae, etc.</P>

              There is also a flight simulator in Google Earth. Apparently it is fairly realistic - I say that mainly because I have no flight training, and I found it nearly impossible to fly! Maybe I need a joystick or some other kind of control? When I am able to keep the plane level, it is quite interesting to fly over vast stretches of terrain. Forget about landing. [:S]</P>

              I do use the 3D buildings feature - it is quite interesting to see some of the larger metropolitan areas. One thing that shocked me is that now some of the 3D buildings have photographic features on their sides! I believe these images aretakenfrom 'street views' - a roving camera that takes 360 degree photos at regular intervals as it goes down each street.</P>

              Speaking of street view, that is another feature thatsimulates the view of walking downspecific streets - you canlook at the storefronts and houses and can pan around 360 degrees. It is quite remarkable. My house is even there! [:O]</P>

              These are not standalone applications - yet - but are more like Google Maps: Google MoonandGoogle Mars.</P>

              Happy travels! [ap][:)]</P>


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                Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                Wow, Google Earth, Google Maps, this stuff is quite neat! I never knew about this stuff until you mentioned it. (Then again, I've been teased for not knowing a whole lot aboutcomputers, seeing as what generation I'm from. Oh well). </P>

                Is downloading it complicated? Does it take a lot of memory in the computer? Etc. </P>


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                  Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                  The program itself is not very large and can be downloaded for free from Google. There are pay versions which give more features. I'm perfectly happy with the free version.</P>

                  I'm not quite sure how large the program is, but it seemed to download pretty quickly on my computer.</P>

                  It is recommended to have a fast internet connection, as there are lots ofimages to download when you are zooming about. Here is a page that lists some of the requirements:</P>

                  Hope this helps...</P>

                  PS: If you do install it, I bet we won't hear from you for a while! [:D]</P>


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                    Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                    You don't have to download google earth to use it.Just click maps in the top left hand corner of the google search page. You can click street view from there.</P>

                    We could do our home towns. </P>

                    I'd post links but they don't seem to be working right. Google map "corner of union and west ave spencerport" and clickon street view. Continue North. </P>

                    I definately recommend my favorite vacation spot: Niagara Falls. </P>
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                      Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                      Thanks for sharing your home town with us - you are brave to put yourself 'out there' on a public forum.</P>

                      I am a bit more shy about revealing locales, etc... [:$] But that doesn't mean everyone else has to be! [:D]</P>

                      In my virtual trip I enjoyed going over that quaint bridge in Spencerport - I guess it was on Union Street, and that would have been the Erie Canal - fascinating. While driving down the street in street view I passed the Coffee Cabana, which looks like a nice place to hang out. [:)]</P>

                      Niagara Falls was spectacular! It really shows up well in 3D. I think this is the first time I got a sense of where the falls "point". I had a wrong perception of them in my mind until Google Earth showed me the layout. [:)]</P>


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                        Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                        Yes, Google Earth is fascinating - personally, I am quite enthralled by whats to be found on Google Sky.


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                          Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                          You can see my house at:

                          Latitude: 35°52'5.27"N
                          Longitude: 14°26'26.90"E

                          Mostly visible due to the swimming pool - couldn't find my previous home though! Perhaps I should be wearing my glasses.

                          You can see the many churches in our town though, including the main parish church not so far away from my home.

                          Fascinating program - now I can visit St.Sulpice from the comfort of my own home.</P>


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                            Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?

                            My, what an inviting swimming pool you have. [:)]</P>

                            And you don't seem too far away from the airport. [;)]</P>


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                              Re: Anyone a fan of Google Earth?


                              This is another good site. Try using the "birds eye" view at St. Ouen in Rouen, or St. Sulpice.</P>