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I'm going away for a little while

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  • I'm going away for a little while

    I can see this forum has several bigots who would rather spew hypocritical dogma, parading it as new and improved doctrine. These pharisees have painted me as a miserablevillain. It seems other people have left permanently for the same reason. They used words like HATE and RELIGION to make me appear narrow minded. They have mocked me for what I believe EVEN WHEN IT WAS BACKED UP BY THE BIBLE! Some Christians they turned out to be. It's the usual "I'm going to be Christian but leave out the parts that are strange or unpopular" sort of mentality. </P>

    To those of you in a dead church: You praise the father forcreation, you praise the son for salvation, but what place is therefor the holy spirit?</P>

    Youhave no idea what goes on in my church, you couldn't possibly imagine whatlife fills our home.</P>

    It's funny how making fun of any denomination, religion, or creed is blasphemy, but full gospel/pentecostal churches are fair game. If I wanted this kind of drivel, I would have watched CNN. It's interesting to note how the offenders had a list of full gospel churches that wronged them, but they failed to mention otherchurches from other densominations, which I know had been mentioned earlier in time. </P>

    All you had to do was apoligize for insulting me. </P>

    So I'm going leave for a while. I've just finished moving, so I have quite a bit of unpacking to do. </P>

    By the way, there is something I forgot to mention to those who've insulted me:</P>

    I forgive you. </P>
    <P mce_keep="true"></P>

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    Re: I'm going away for a little while