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Other music tastes?

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  • Other music tastes?

    Since most of the time we are discussing our tastes in classical genres, I'd be interested to know which types of music others on the forum enjoy listening to outside of the classical boundaries. Would be rather interesting to see if organists have similar tastes in popular music!

    I'm particularly fond of most of the 80sartists such as Depeche Mode, Phil Collins, Sade, Simply Red and the suchlike. One of my favourites, Duran Duran, are coming to the island later in the month, so I've booked my tickets well in advance.

    I also like quite a lot of the more acoustic 90s material such as the later George Michael output, Jamiroquai and Seal.

    Anything after the year 2000 is certainly more in the laid-back genres such as Madeleine Peyroux, Katie Melua, and the latest one to grace our airwaves, Duffy, who is superb.

    Too much to mention! Over to you lot.</P>

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    Re: Other music tastes?

    None. If it was composed after 1900 I probably don't like it. I can be convinced, but it takes time.</P>



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      Re: Other music tastes?

      Amen, David! Perhaps you and I are distant cousins and don't even know it . . .</P>


      EDIT: With the exception of John Rutter and Morten Lauridsen . . .</P>


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        Re: Other music tastes?

        Sade is good - I remember listening to quite a bit, but I don't have any albums.</P>

        I really like jazz, and play a little bit at the piano (as long as it is written out). I'm fond of Bill Evans, Marian McPartland, Dave Brubeck.</P>

        Vocalists: Nina Simone - such an elegant pianist, with a voice that speaks directly to the heart.A poignant clip: If You Knew</P>

        You will see the title and roll your eyes - but this is supreme artistry... Nina at her most devastating: Feelings</P>

        Also Cleo Laine, Morgana King...</P>

        I also likesalsa and latin music, and have gone to clubs to hear it. I like Celia Cruz.</P>

        AlsoJoni Mitchell, Carly Simon and James Taylor.</P>

        Dionne Warwick: how could you not love this: Say a Little Prayer</P>
        <P mce_keep="true">I am smitten with Laura Nyro. Here is a glimpse of her great talent: He's a Runner</P>

        I used to listen to Devo and the B52s. [:D] That was another era...</P>

        I did attend a concert by the group Chicago, but that is it as far as going to a rock concert.</P>

        I sometimes listen to 'new age' music, such as when I am on the computer and don't want to pay attention to listening.</P>

        Believe it or not ... I listen to Country &amp; Western music, typically when I am driving through rural farmland or through the South.</P>


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          Re: Other music tastes?

          [quote user="tumult_in_the_praetorium"]

          I'm particularly fond of most of the 80sartists such as Depeche Mode, Phil Collins, Sade, Simply Red and the suchlike. One of my favourites, Duran Duran, are coming to the island later in the month, so I've booked my tickets well in advance.[/quote]</p>

          I admit a fondness for '80's music also. I've always loved Tears for Fears... I even met them once!</p>

          Otherwise, there's loads of non-classical music I enjoy, too many to even think of at the moment. In jazz, I particularly love Fats Waller and Billie Holiday. Of more recent vintage there's Flora Purim: she has an unbelievable set of vocal chords. Not to be missed.</p>

          On the international scene, Cesaria Evora (from Cape Verde) is another favourite.</p>

          And finally -don't laugh- I've rather fancied two American acts lately: Jesse McCartney and Panic At The Disco. (Yeah, I know...)



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            Re: Other music tastes?

            Outside of the boundaries of "classical" or "European Art Music" I listen to almost anything, but nothing terribly contemporary. I listen to classic rock, LOTS of American Folk music (there's a surprise, since I'm a banjoist), some theater organ stuff, some opera (ranging from G&amp;S to Verdi, Puccini, however for me it is somewhat less about the particular aria, or composer, but rather more about the performer particularly favored are Maria Callas - don't even start with me on all the debate over Callas ability or her voice- Tito Gobbi, and a few others), Tom Lehrer, Capitol Steps. I also listen to some jazz, not much, though.

            In short, I listen to just about anything, with a particular emphasis on American Folk music, with a real passion for Lomax recordings (esp. Leadbelly)


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              Re: Other music tastes?

              I find my tastes somewhat all over the map, but at the moment,,</p>


              King Crimson
              Kate Bush
              Peter Gabriel
              Laurie Anderson
              Bob Mould
              Prefuse 73
              Frank Zappa
              78th Fraser Pipe Band
              Strathclyde Police Pipe Band</p>

              By the way SB32, thank you for the Nina Simone link. Pure genius.</p>


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                Re: Other music tastes?

                I do like a bit of Jazz and have a penchant for Gospel music (an example being the excellent London Community Gospel Choir).
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                  Re: Other music tastes?

                  Bit of everything really.The only exceptions are vocal music (choirs, lieder, chanson), opera, jazz and rap, those are the ones where I lift my a** and turn the knob. I have a hard time with a lot of the classical romantic works (you would be very lucky to find me playing Brahms or Prokofiev or so) but there it depends more on my mood. While the last batch of pop music isn't much worth, there are some nice things in it. Even repetitive music or minimal gets a hearing sometimes. Long time since I played some new age but there has been a time I played it often (20 years ago). Electronica is also a long time ago. And sometimes there is a need to play heavy metal or Goth.