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  • Sad news

    I just heard the tragic news that concert organist and composer John Weaver's 36-year-oldson Jonathan was killed last Wednesday night near Cameron, Missouri, while driving home to Leavenworth KS on the last night of his leave. </P>

    He was due to report to Fort Riley, KS, for training in preparation for a tour of duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan scheduled for the fall. According to the Missouri State Police he was cut off on a dual highway by a tractor trailer truck.</P>

    Jonathan was driving his Ford van with George, their German shepherd, and their Jack Russell terrier, Milo, also in the vehicle. The crash resulted in the van catching fire. Jonathan and George were both killed and Milo has not been found. </P>

    My thoughts and prayers go to John, his wife Marianne and daughter Kirianne, and to Jonathan's wife Meredith.</P>

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    Re: Sad news

    My, oh, my!!!</p>

    If anyone knows Mr. Weaver personally, please let him know our thoughts and prayers are with him and the family.</p>

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