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Fear of playing infront of others

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    Re: Fear of playing infront of others

    Why did I drop the organ? Years ago I was very active in a church with a good pipe organ that I could play anytime. I was the substitute organist and occasionally played for weddings. When we left that church, for reasons not music related, I no longer had a good instrument to play and I had career demands and kids to raise. Now, twenty some years later, my situation has changed and I have renewed my love of the organ. I have time to practice since I recently retired, and I've assembled a make-shift practice instrument at home. I have some access to the pipe organ at my present church. I mostly accompany soloists on the piano, but play the organ there only in dire emergencies. I am definitely not at the level of competence expected by our excellent music program, and probably never could be. However I do substitute at another church which has a pretty good organ but is struggling with dwindling membership and attendance. They are glad for my level of playing and it's good experience for me.