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A loss to make me to change my Avatar

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  • A loss to make me to change my Avatar

    I'm not looking for sympathy, but a recent event will make me change my Avatar soon.

    Those who have seen my Avatar may have noticed the little dog lying in front of a console. Her name is Casey and she is a small 17 lb beagle. We adopted her as a rescue dog 13 years ago and she has been an unbelievably faithful pet. Not a nasty bone in her body and always looking for human company. In my last 5 years at the College where I was employed as Campus E-tech, she went to work with me every day, greatly enjoying the constant affection of the students; they'd stop by in the campus E-shop just to pet her! She was my shadow on all trouble calls across campus. I retired 8 years ago and got deeply into organ stuff. She still went with me wherever I went, even to pick up/deliver organs, as far as North Carolina! She loved rides. She was a fixture in my current organ shop, always meeting people just for a scritch behind the ears. I could write a book about the companionship she provided, some unexpected adventures, and some of the medical challenges she survived. At home her favorite spot was under a piano while it was being played.
    You may note I now write in the past tense, as last Monday my wife and I had to make that fateful decision to terminate the life of our buddy. Cancer had slowly made its way into her system and became very aggressive a month ago. We wanted to spare her suffering and the oncologist had said: "She'll let you know when it's time". And she did, last Sunday, her eyes said it all. So on Monday the vet came to our house and helped her to peacefully pass on - in her own bed - to where all good doggies go.

    It probably all sounds maudlin, but the thing about a pet like this is the constancy of her company. Especially considering the whirlwind that was 2020, she became an anchor. Things are getting better now, but it's too quiet in our house....

    Now to think up a new Avatar....
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    Very sorry for your loss John.


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      So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Casey. It's always heart wrenching to make that final decision but you know that it's the right thing to do.

      We're now on rescue cat #4 and sadly had to do the same with 1,2 and 3. Thankfully 1 and 3 were both with us for over 17 years each. #2 only 4 months before passing away suddenly - somewhere on her prowls she'd eaten some rat poison. So I know exactly what you mean when you say it's too quiet. Maybe in time, when you're both ready you'll find a new canine companion. He or she will never replace Casey, but I'm 100% certain you'll give them the same love and care!
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        Sorry to hear about your loss.


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          I feel your pain, and am sorry for your loss. Consider leaving your avatar as a way to honor Casey's dedication to you.

          We have 2 rescues who will go sometime soon as well–one has cancer the vet missed (13 y.o. Beagle), and the other is blind and struggles to keep his hind end up (16 y.o. English Springer). As you already know from your other rescue pets, they are extremely faithful, always accepting and loving, and will let you know when the time comes.

          Will you be looking for another rescue?

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            A sad affair, for sure. My condolences. Several years ago I had to euthenize my Alpha Male cat, Spike, who had suddenly become unresponsive He died in my lap as I held him, and I cried. My household still has his 2 littermate sisters, another littermate pair, and a loner cat, all born in or near my back yard. Loss of a devoted pet is not easy. Prayers for you and yours.



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              My condolences as well. You are in my prayers.


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                Oh, John, what a sad story. But one that is all to familiar with pet lovers. We have four cats three of which I rescued from a very uncaring mother who gave birth and simply left them to die in the cold. One did die but I managed to revive the other three. The little runt was stiff and ice cold when I discovered them thanks to the mewing of the little black one. I raised them by hand from birth bottle-feeding at all hours of the night and teaching them how to do their business and all that. The fourth one is the only survivor of a previous litter from the same mother. That one is mostly domesticated.
                The three rescued ones are now almost three years old and each one with its own loving personality is like a family member in the house. I dread to think of the day when one of them should go before me - and then I fret about what they would do without me should I go first...:'(
                So I sympathise with you and your wife for the loss of a dear pet.
                God bless.
                PS. This thread once again confirms that musicians, organists or anyone loving music are sensitive people. Such persons often experience losses like this more severely than others who are less sensitive. But thanks for sharing your emotions. We pray that you will soon find another little furry creature to kind of make the feeling of loss a little less intense.
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                John, it sounds like you gave Casey a wonderful life. She was very fortunate to have lived in your home. I am sorry for your loss.

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                  Sorry to hear and I feel your pain. I had a little dog for 15 years until she died from kidney problems. At that time I'd had her for half of my life. Had two litter mate cats: one euthanized at 8 years from cancer, and her brother at 14 years from kidney problems. After that final trip to the vet I vowed to have no more pets. I love having them around but I don't want to go through the final trip again.

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                    Thank you all for your positive messages. I know many would say "it's only an animal" but when you take it into your home it becomes family.
                    I do like the suggestion of keeping the Avatar as a memory of Casey. Or maybe I 'll find an even better one.
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                      Yes, that photo is definitely a beagle laying on the floor, saying "What's next Dad? More food!?"


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                    Sorry for your loss, John. You were a blessing to her as she was to you. That's what makes life worth living.
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