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ranks & stops

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  • ranks & stops

    basic question</p>

    the organ at the basilica cathedral in newark is listed as
    154 ranks - 193 stops </p>

    if there is one stop per rank, what are the extra 39 stops for ?</p>


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    Re: ranks &amp; stops

    Some of the stops are unified and/or duplexed. That is best explain by a few ranks with lot of stops. In short, one rank of pipes are used for several pitches of flute tones for example. Those that are duplexed are used on more than one manual. </P>

    Both pipe and electronic organs do a lot of unification and duplexing to save costs yet get the desired effects possible.</P>

    I have played some on a pipe organ with six ranks, but it has quite a few stops on each manual as well as the pedals.</P>

    Baldwin Church Organ Model 48C
    Baldwin Spinet 58R
    Lowrey Spinet SCL
    Wurlitzer 4100A
    Crown Pump Organ by Geo. P. Bent, Chicago, Illinois

    Organs I hope to obtain in the future:

    Conn Tube Minuet or Caprice even a transistor Caprice with the color coded tabs
    Gulbransen H3 or G3, or V.
    Wurlitzer 44, 4410, 4420, ES Reed Models, 4300, 4500, Transistor Models


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      Re: ranks &amp; stops

      [quote user="pipe64'"]if there is one stop per rank[/quote]</P>

      Ah, but there's the rub...</P>

      A pipe organ does not necessarily have one stop per rank, nor does it always have one rank per stop. [8-|]</P>

      If you look at a compound stop, such as a Mixture IV, you will see by the Roman numeral that it has four ranks for the one stop.</P>

      On the other hand, if you have a stop that is borrowed from one division to another (perhaps a Trompette en Chamade that appears on each manual or a manual 16' stop that is also playable in the Pedal) then you could have several stops controlling one rank.</P>

      Ideally though... a stop thatis duplexed or borrowed should only be counted once.</P>

      Sometimes a builder will list a percussion or a tremolo as a 'stop' - you have to be mindful of that.</P>


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        Re: ranks &amp; stops

        Perhaps the couplers are being counted as stops also?</P>

        Moreover, I think that this is a two-console organ. This may add more confusion to the mix, depending on who is counting what and how they are counting, etc.</P>

        I saw this organ on a brief video once - spectacular. I hope I get the Schantz (sic) to see it again.</P>



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          Re: ranks &amp; stops

          thanks for the info everyone</p>

          this organ was my first experience with hearing a pipe organ in person</p>

          yes, there are 2 consoles. one up in the choir loft and one down by the altar</p>

          i can't wait for the new concert season to start in September []