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Stoplist v. instruments confusion

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  • Stoplist v. instruments confusion

    This should make you all laugh...</p>

    I am getting rid of my church's old Baldwin on craigslist (see below).

    Free Baldwin Console-size Organ Model 210a-Come get ASAP

    I just got a telephone call from a lady who says</p>

    "Hi, my name is xxxx and I saw the organ for sale on craigslist. I also saw that there were some other instruments for sale in the ad too. I was interested in the clarinet too, and I was wondering if I could buy it..."</p>

    Hmm, she must have seen the stoplist and assumed it was other instruments. </p>

    -Wow, she must be like a giant if she really wants to buy a 16' Clarinet. </p>

    -Maybe her son wants to learn to play a Dulcet. The 4' size should fit him well.[H]</p>

    Now I have to figure out how to call her back without laughing uncontrollably.</p>

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    Re: Stoplist v. instruments confusion

    I think I'd just say that the Clarinet is part of the organ and cannot be sold separately.</P>



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      Re: Stoplist v. instruments confusion


      That is so funny! Hope you can control yourself when you call her back. (and let's hope you finally find a home for that organ too)</P>

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        Re: Stoplist v. instruments confusion

        [quote user="davidecasteel"]

        I think I'd just say that the Clarinet is part of the organ and cannot be sold separately.</p>


        Maybe not.</p>

        I could always rip out the stoptab, the wiring, and the related generators and give them to her for $25. How would I do that, jbird?</p>

        (Just kidding, would never do that to anyone.) Maybe I can convince her to become an AGO member by the end of the phone call. I still haven't called because the answering machine is out of order.</p>


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          Re: Stoplist v. instruments confusion

          Too funny. It's obvious the woman is no organist or knows anything about organ stoplists.[8-)]