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  • Estey organ


    Don't know if the last one went through, so thought I should post again. I am sorry if it did go through. Just forget this one, then.</p>

    My church has an old Estey pump organ. According to the serial number, the organ was made 1888-1890. Do you know if there is any value to this organ? Should we try to find someone who will take it without us needing to pay them to do it?</p>

    Thank you!

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    Re: Estey organ

    Welcome to the Forum. You could try eBay, but you'll find that there are almost no bids on pump organs unless there is something very unique about it (i.e. 2 keyboards and pedals, or pipe top).</P>

    You'll probably be better off finding someone in the church who will give it a good home and use it, or take your chances on eBay. There is also the Reed Organ Society (http://www.reedsoc.org/), and you might be able to find a buyer there. I hope this helps.</P>

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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      Re: Estey organ


      Thank you for your help. We also found the Estey Organ Museum in Vermont, and thought about contacting them to see if they would want it. Don't know how we'd get it there, though, since we live in Indiana. I will tell the people at church about the Reed Organ Society, and we will give that a try!</p>

      Thank you for your help, Margaret