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musical dreams?

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  • musical dreams?

    I had a very surreal experience,recently-can anyone explain? </p>

    I had a dream(no,this is not the opening line of a song I`m about to sing!) In my experience,there are two distinct types of dreams.</p>

    One,where the contents of it fade away immediately you open your eyes,and the other where the events in it sort of linger over you,all of the day. I had one of the second type. In this dream,I was listening to someone playing music of some sort-it suddenly stopped and a female voice(I didn`t see the owner)uttered-"I`m so sorry but I cannot play anymore as a valve has gone down in my amplifier(well,it must have been elctronic, albeit a bit dated I summised) I replied,"Oh,that`s OK-have a chocolate biscuit!" -then I apparently woke up. It seemed to be a very long episode,but,we are told,it was probably only a moment-but wot a strange moment!</p>

    Anyway,I have a call to make,that morning,in my capacity as piano tuner,on a rather eccentric lady. I am standing at her door,when she answers my ring on her ancient `pull type` doorbell(you rang!!!?)and she bids me come in. I make my way through the maze(not to say it is slightly cluttered would be to amplify!)to her piano in her front room-she exits to the kitchen and shouts through,asking if I would like a cup of tea. I say I would,thankyou.</p>

    Just then,I espy a really old valve type wireless(not a radio-that`s a modern terminology)right next to the piano.</p>

    "Oh,I see you`ve got one of those old fashioned wireless",I shout through to her.</p>

    At that moment,she comes from the kitchen,and says this,"yes,it worked until very recently,but a valve has gone down in it-would you like a chocolate biscuit with your tea?</p>

    I didn`t think too much of it,at the time,but later I realised the strangeness of the event.</p>

    I`ve heard stories about people who dream after events,but not too many before!! </p>

    [:$]wombat 11


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    Re: musical dreams?

    Some would just chalk this off as a coincidence. Others would classify it as deja vu. Perhaps a few would say it was a Forerunner Dream, which is a type of ESP experience. Both deja vu and Forerunner Dreams are not that uncommon. I probably would put it into the deja vu category, as it doesn't match the real-life experience enough to be a true Forerunner Dream. That's just my opinion, of course, and I'm not an expert.</P>