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    As some of you on this forum know, this past May, I did a project for the Cleveland Chapter of the AGO (as well as my Senior Project) documenting organs in the Cleveland Area by photographing them, writing down stop lists, and often playing them (hey, I was there, and I know how to play the organ, so, why not?). Anyway, I eventually put together a slide show with many of the pictures from my project, and have even continued the project some by doing other organs since the project officially ended. I uploaded the Power-Point presentation to the internet yesterday in its current form, which is the form in which I showed it on October 19 (Organ Spectacular).

    Here's the link to the show : http://www.mediafire.com/?hjynozytmzd The show is quite lengthy at over 70 slides, all of which have jpeg pictures. I hope those of you who see this will get a little taste of what you may or may not see come June 2009 and the OHS and ATOS Conventions (though I don't really have anything ATOS would be demoing, you could slip away and see some of these []). Most of these instruments are semi obscure, which means they aren't the first ones you'd think of when you think of Cleveland organs, but might come up when talking to a Clevelander...